22nd March 2020

Happy Mother’s Day! Or Is It? We Looked At Some Of The Worst (and Best) Presents That You Lovely Mums Are Gifted Across The UK…

Half-dead flowers from the petrol station, your children’s favourite sweets, burnt toast in bed and discounted chocolates…ring any bells? We’ve been doing our research and have found these to be just some of the most unimpressive Mother’s Day presents gifted across the UK. If you don’t think they are that bad (we would question your […]

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20th March 2020

Funny Things British Mums Say | Mother’s Day 2020

Mums – they’re the greatest. From predictive text mess-ups to accidental pocket dials, mothers have special quirks which we know all too well. So, to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 (22nd March), we’ve rounded up Mecca Bingo all-time favourite British mum sayings. Work your way through and count them as you go. (Double points if you […]

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cake in a mug

14th March 2020

Easy and delicious cake in a mug recipes

Quick, easy and perfect for when you have a MASSIVE sugar craving that needs a fix (and fast), a cake in a mug really hits the spot. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked homemade cake? Be a baking God or Goddess and treat yourself to some ‘me’ time without all the faff of […]

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11th March 2020

National No Smoking Day: How did you give up?

National No Smoking Day falls on 11th March this year, and it’s a great opportunity for smokers of all ages to think about quitting, and get the help and support they need to give up. The health benefits to quitting are obvious, so if you’re thinking about quitting you can find advice on the NHS […]

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