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10 Best Gifts to Hand Out Before the Big Day

The lead up to a wedding is a magical time for any bride-to-be. However, with so many things to think about (from the cake to the venue to the wedding invitations), it can also be a pretty stressful time too.

So, to help you look after your beautiful brides-to-be, we’ve found some of the best gifts to hand out before the big day. Trust us – they’ll go down a treat!

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Love Island Bingo Card

Just when you thought Love Island couldn’t get any better, up pops a game to make it that much juicier!

Simply pull up our Love Island Bingo Card on your phone when 9pm hits and wait patiently as the clichés come rolling in – ahem – “factor 50 thick” and fast.

Let’s see what’s going down in the villa…

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5 Films You Won’t Want to Miss This Summer

Summer is the time of year where blockbusters take over our cinemas (and Netflix accounts). Classics like Die Hard, Men in Black and Pirates of the Caribbean came out when the sun was shining – and this year is no different: there are a whole host of awesome movies taking to the big screen.

For your run-down of the most epic films you won’t want to miss this summer, check out our favourites below.

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Can you guess these emoji soap storylines?

Chances are you use emojis. We all do! These awesome little smiley faces, winky eyes and clapping hands have become such a staple of our everyday language that it’s become virtually impossible to not use them.

But despite this continual rise in popularity, many Brits are in fact using many emojis without any knowledge of what they actually mean.

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Which Love Island Boy is Your Perfect Match?



If, like the rest of the UK, you can’t get enough of Love Island, you’ll be dying to take our latest quiz.

We all have those contestants we hate to love and love to hate, but have you ever considered who your perfect match would be? Of course, you have! Try out our Love Island compatibility quiz to see who you get!

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Not a Fan of Russia ’18 Footy Chat?

The 2018 World Cup is hotting up and, for many, it’s an opportunity to enjoy scintillating football around the clock. But while this might be great for those who love the beautiful game, it can be a tad dull for those who would rather be watching muggy Megan.

To readdress the balance and give you something to get excited about when football comes around, we’ve created a Russia ’18 cliché bingo card to complete. So, rather than snoozing when yet another game goes into extra time, you can instead tick off 16 clichés which have defined the tournament to date. Pens at the ready!

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Top Summer Deals You Need to Redeem Right Now

Summer is well and truly here, which means one thing: lots of deals! That’s right – you needn’t wait until Black Friday to get your fill of the best online bargains. Better yet, browse through our some of our favourite summer deals, below, to save yourself a whole heap of time – and wonga.

You can thank us later…

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Our Favourite Love Island Memes So Far

With drama reaching fever pitch in the villa, it’s no wonder that, here at Mecca HQ, Love Island is all we can think about (apart from bingo, of course!)

So, to get you pumped for the next episode of melty make-ups and salty break-ups, we’ve found you the best Love Island memes for your viewing pleasure.

It’s time to crack on…

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Can You Get 14/14 On This GCSE Quiz?

Think you could easily get an A* if you did your GCSEs today?

You do? Well, you’re in luck – it’s time to put your brain to the test with our fun GCSE quiz.

So, will you be top of the class, or bottom of the heap? There’s only one way to find out…

Our Top 7 Inspiring Women of Sport

If you weren’t already aware, the World Cup is happening right now. And while it may be the biggest event in the world, you needn’t feel too much FOMO if it’s not for you.

Whether it be the groaning of missed penalties or simply the lack of ladies on the pitch, we think that, this summer, we could do with a healthy dose of female appreciation instead.

So, to get you pumped for the busy summer of sport ahead – and to celebrate the Year of the Woman – we’ve rounded up our most inspiring females in sport, ever. Let’s bring on the girls! #girlpower

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