How to Host a Bingo Fundraiser

Whether at your local church or sports hall, fundraising events are great for bringing people together. Not only do they get neighbours talking, they also make huge differences to those who need it most.

So, to celebrate this Fundraising Week (21st-25th May), we’ve fused together our two favourite things: community fun and lots of BINGO. To see how you can host your own bingo fundraiser, work through the following steps – you’ll be the queen of your community in no time!

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10 Inspirational Quotes We Love from Meghan Markle

Actress, feminist and soon-to-be royal, Meghan Markle is the full package. And while she was first known for her portrayal as sassy Rachel Zane in the US drama, Suits, this #girlboss has achieved much more than a spin-off reality show and self-titled perfume. Much more.

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Our Favourite Neighbour Networking Apps

Do you love your local community? We do too! That’s why we’re pumped to celebrate May, not only for the blossoming springtime weather we can expect but also for one of our favourite awareness days of them all: Local and Community Month.

This event runs all throughout May and promotes community spirit, with everything from charity events to local performances happening all throughout the UK.

However, if you’re yet to find a way to celebrate Local and Community Month, you needn’t worry – there’s an app for that. In fact, there are lots! Just take a look at some of the best neighbour networking apps you can download to your mobile and see how easy it is to chat with your neighbours.

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The Most Idyllic Country Walks You Should Try This Spring

It’s April and, while it may be a little damp outside, it is officially springtime. This means longer days, a break from the cold (fingers crossed!) and a chance to get back to nature. And few activities boast nature’s best quite like a peaceful country walk.

There are huge swathes of pretty parks, peaks and plush gardens to explore across the UK, many of which have their own unique wildlife, historical landmarks and beauteous bodies of water. With some less than one hour away from our Mecca bingo clubs, the only question is: where to start?

Well, to sate your wanderlust, we’ve set our sights on the prettiest pockets of the UK to find you the best country walks. Take a look at our top picks, below!

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Our Favourite Instagram Trends of 2017 & 2018 (So Far!)

Instagram is the place to be in the world of social snapping. Whether you’re adding the newest filter to your office lunch or basking in Boomerangs during a girl’s night out, Instagram is the place to make your photos look fabulous.

But it’s not just filters and Boomerangs which make Instagram one of our favourite social channels. Oh no, this labyrinthine photo gallery of polished poses is ever evolving; changing its functionality and filters to suit new trends. One of these is the “Unicorn” trend.

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5 Easy Ways to Get Fit at Home

Gyms can be daunting places at the best of times. If it’s not the jumble of intimidating machinery which turn you off, it’s the hordes of sweaty gym-goers. if it’s not the costly gym membership, it’s how long it takes you to drive there in peak traffic. The list could go on.

And, while we’re not looking to put you off joining a gym, a great way to get yourself toned with very little expense (and effort) spared is to bring your workout in-house! This is why, this Walk to Work Day (6th April) we’re challenging you to get yourself active, DIY-style.

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Our Favourite Blogger Easter Recipes (for Grown-Ups)

Easter has arrived and that means one thing: it’s choc-o’clock! Whether you’re looking for a post-Lent fix or are simply a self-proclaimed chocoholic, this is the perfect time to indulge in all your favourite treats.

If you’re super eager to get creative this Easter, then you’re in good company; there are hundreds of fantastic Easter-inspired recipes across the web. To help you get started, we’ve cherry-picked our favourites. Fasten your apron strings – it’s time to get baking!

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Creative Ways to Raise Money for Sport Relief

Sport Relief is back for 2018, and this year it’s bigger, bolder and – ahem – sweatier than ever. That’s right – it’s time to get active for cash!

Whether you’re a gym bunny or Sunday stroller, Sport Relief is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a great cause. And this year, the focus is on reaching ‘one billion steps’. Yep, you read that number right… one billion steps.

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The Five Happiest Regions in the UK

It’s good to smile. Not only does it show togetherness, but it also relieves stress. That’s why we’re keen to celebrate one of our favourite days of the year: International Day of Happiness (20th March).

This Tuesday, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and embrace your beautiful beam. And you won’t be smiling alone – 160 countries will be joining together to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, too.

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Make The Most of Hull with Mecca

Named the U.K.’s Capital of Culture in 2017, Hull is practically bursting with things to do. While visitors may know this region for its bread cakes and patties, there is so much more to get excited about on your visit to Hull.

From stately homes to salsa classes, rock climbing to truffle testing, Hull has plenty to offer. Why not take a look around on your next visit to Mecca Bingo Hull Clough or The Cecil? We promise you won’t regret it!

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