19th August 2020

Questions and Answers with our lucky £110,000 winner!

What would you do if you won £110,000? Travel the world? Buy a whole new wardrobe? Move to a bigger house? Well, for one incredibly lucky Dunfermline player, these dreams can now become reality! Sylvia won an incredible £110,518 with us on MeccaBingo.com this month, so we sat down with her to ask her some […]

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18th August 2020

Q&A with The BakeKing!

You’ve probably been following the recent trend of Illusion Cakes and our very own #CakeOrNoCake series with Ben Cullen, The BakeKing – and if you haven’t… then where have you been?!

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6th August 2020

Cake Or No Cake – How Did The Bake King Do It?

Did you enter our competition on Facebook yesterday? Many of you did and we had a huge amount of comments saying how amazing this illusion cake was and how difficult it was to spot. Many of you also wanted to know how on earth The Bake King manages to achieve such a realistic look, and […]

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piggy bank

8th July 2020

Money-saving meal prep

There are two types of people in this world. Those who think ahead, precisely planning every meal, and those who grab grub at a moment’s notice. In today’s Mecca Bingo blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of meal planning; how it can be healthier and how it can save you money. Which is […]

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