Over 3 million of you will stay at home on Friday 13th!

Lucky socks

Over three million superstitious Brits, that’s five per cent of the nation, will stay home on Friday 13th to avoid bad luck according to a survey by Mecca Bingo.


Friday the 13th has long been considered a day of misfortune and it looks like the belief in its ability to bring bad luck is here to stay. While many may consider superstitions to be nonsense, it seems that they are deeply rooted in the British psyche, with 80 per cent of UK residents admitting to being superstitious on this infamous date.

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Office Party Dancefloor Disasters

Young people raising their arms in dance

37 per cent of Brits will wake up embarrassed after the Christmas party because of their dodgy dancing.

Half of us wish we were better dancers and 14 per cent consider taking lessons ahead of the festive party season.

Once the party begins, a Peter Crouch-inspired robot is the move Brits are most likely to perform for their colleagues.

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Do You Really Know What Excites You?

Girl sitting on the floor with laptop

What would you say excites you the most? Is it a luxury shopping spree, or how about booking a relaxing getaway?

Chances are you probably think you get most excited by these types of indulgence, but in fact it’s the little things that get us most geared up – and that includes popping to your nearest bingo club or switching the channel to catch your favourite sports team!

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It’s Official: Brits Felt Happiest in the 90s!

Disco ball

Want that 90s feeling? Then don double denim, get Sabrina the Teenage Witch on catch up and indulge in Ghost, the movie that made pottery sexy.

That’s according to our findings from a recent nationwide survey*, which proves the 90s is the era that make us feel happiest.

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