Our Favourite Random Acts of Kindness by Celebrities

There is something special about making others feel good. From offering an umbrella during a thunderstorm, to giving up your seat on the train, expressions of kindness are what keeps the world spinning.

That’s why, every 17th February, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day – a day which welcomes others in, and shows them how much you care. From the smallest to the largest gestures, you can be the reason someone smiles today.

Eager to see how it’s done? Here’s a handful of celebrities who made the day – and, in some cases, changed the lives – of others.

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Halloween fun everyone can enjoy

mecca halloweenIt’s that time of year again, when everything in Tesco appears to be orange and black and at least three days before October the 31st you’ll have children knocking on your door, begging for treats, whilst you duck under the window hoping they’ll go away.


You might think the only good think to come of it is those cheap, multipack bags of sweets. You could be right.


Halloween in Britain definitely isn’t as widely celebrated as it is in America; over there whole neighbourhoods of kids start their Trick or Treating whilst it’s still light and they decorate their houses like it’s Christmas, but with cobwebs.


However, the spooky holiday is steadily getting bigger over here, as the trend for dressing up gathers momentum and we start getting excited about Starbucks selling Pumpkin Spiced Lattes again.


So instead of grumbling about Halloween this year, why not embrace it?


You might begrudge handing over your cold hard cash to the supermarkets (probably because they’ll be getting enough out of you once Christmas arrives in a month or so), Asda recently claimed that it has already sold 266,000 more pumpkins than last year. So that’s pretty much 266,000 people, trying to copy something they’ve seen online and failing miserably.


If you’re wondering why Halloween has become so popular, it probably stems from what we watch on TV. We’re heavily influenced by shows like True Blood (kinky vampires), Vampire Diaries (teenage angst, romantic triangle vampires) and The Walking Dead (gore, gore and more gore), as well as the Twilight franchise and remakes of old classics, such as Carrie and Amityville Horror (topless Ryan Reynolds – phew!) To be honest, it can feel like Halloween every day in front of the telly.


We’ve also watched those scenes in our favourite films; showing us a full blown, over the top Halloween in America, featuring detailed costumes, huge buckets of ‘candy’ and more fake spiders and pumpkin carvings than you can shake a broomstick at.


Films such as E.T. and Hocus Pocus are famous for their scenes portraying Halloween and make it easy to see why the holiday is growing in popularity, as here in Britain we’re constantly inspired by what they get up to over the Atlantic.


But don’t worry, you don’t need to go all out to enjoy Halloween and spend loads of money to enjoy it – just let it into your life a little this year, instead of drawing the curtains and turning out all the lights on October the 31st.


You could treat (not trick) your partner this All Hallows Eve by wearing one of the numerous sexy Halloween costumes available, whilst you watch a horror flick together. Apparently anything can be sexy on Halloween though, from Hulk Hogan to an office worker, one company actually took it one step too far and created an extremely offensive, sexy Ebola Nurse costume. Maybe just stick with the classics, like a naughty nurse or a kinky cat and you’ll be fine.


Or you could dress up your dog/cat/guinea pig, up in a cute pumpkin or superhero outfit. They’ll hate you, but it will be worth it for the photos.


However, if you do choose to hide from the hoards of Trick or Treaters and scoff that whole bag of fun size Mars Bars to yourself, we’re not going to judge you.


You could even have a go at our Fangtastic 13k roll on bingo event, whilst hiding away, which is taking place at 10.30pm on the 31st of October. 13 people will have the chance to win £1000 each, so it’s going to be a pretty hair-raising game!


This year, celebrate Halloween your own way, because no matter what you do you’ll probably give in and buy something in that aisle, dedicated to it, on your weekly shop!


Va Va June

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We love to make new friends at, which is why we’re giving customers who register in June the chance to win a fabulous Kia Picanto ‘1’ absolutely free! All you have to do is create an account, deposit and spend £10, and we’ll give you a ticket to our fantastic prize draw!


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We Are All Going On A Summer Holiday


Around this time of year us mums with school age children start to break out in a cold sweat and get a look of sheer panic on our faces. No, not because we’re worrying about the possibility of having to squeeze our pasty winter bodies into a bikini again, wishing we hadn’t indulged quite so much at Christmas, but because the long school summer holidays are nearly here, which can only mean one thing: bored children!


Entertaining kids for a just a weekend can be difficult, let alone trying to find enough activities to fill six looong weeks. Bar taking out a bank loan or re-mortgaging the house, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to visit every theme park in the UK, go swimming, to the cinema, bowling and buy an ice-cream, every day, plus take a two week break at Disney World like they keep asking us for (and don’t believe them when they tell you it’s what all their friends are doing – they’re not).

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