Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Love Island Week 3

It’s been three weeks of Love Island and the show is finally starting to resemble what we know and love – actual couples, catching actual feelings. When writing this we still have a weekend of beach hut confessionals and possible bombshell carnage to watch. But the week was drama-filled enough for us to bring you a good dose of Villa gossip. Here’s our biggest moments from the past week:

Friendship Island

Chloe joined Millie and Lucinda to form the “naughty trio” once she started getting to know Toby, and shading Kaz in the process. This caused a slight division amongst the girls – OGs vs newbies. But as cringe as that name is, we’re not too fussed about it. What’s really is important is Kaz and Liberty’s friendship. Everyone was waiting for an iconic bromance to form, but this summer is all about sisterhood.

First public vote

Viewers got the chance to vote for the first time this season, and the task was choosing which couple was the “most compatible”…or more like, who we prefer to stay in the Villa.

Sharon and Hugo (friendship couple), Chloe and Toby (snoggers ‘r us), and Brad and Lucinda (wannabe Tommy and Molly) were in the bottom three, with the latter being dubbed the least compatible. In a MASSIVE twist, and possible first for Love Island, Brad and Lucinda had to decide who goes out…between the two of them.

Brad volunteered to go and let Lucinda stay. The Villa was very torn with their decision, and a bit sceptical why Lucinda wanted to be left behind despite all the crying (could she be hoping for better influencer deals perhaps?).

The tears dried up real fast though, because before Brad could catch his flight home Lucinda was ready to move on and forget the past. Cue Aaron throwing his sneakers into the ring.

More voting aftermath

Even though the other two couples were safe, Toby was proper panicked being one of the bottom three couples. But what did he expect after moving on from fan-favourite Kaz so swiftly after declaring he was giving their relationship 100%?

Hope for Hugo

Viewers were on the edge of their seat in excitement when Sharon pondered whether her feelings for Hugo were something more. Was our boy’s match under his nose this whole time? Sadly no.

He went on and sister zoned the poor girl after the latest bombshell came in!

Stags vs Hens

Another possible first for Love Island was the Stag vs Hen night challenge. Apart from the, uhm, giant pink inflatable our eyes had to witness, the big prize for winning the game was a new bombshell of the opposite sex. The boys managed to prove their skills with the previously hinted at appendage and took home the win (at least one men’s team did).

In walks the aforementioned bombshell, AJ the balayage queen, with an interesting pick-up line to say the least. Not sure how we feel about “eyes on the prize, boys”, but we will give her credit for saying that with absolute confidence.

Faye and her nail file

The queen of being unbothered to bombshells is none other than Faye. When all the girls were leaning over the terrace, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the new girl and their boys’ reactions, Faye was sat filing her nails and throwing out witty comments.  

“Bit of me”

Every season there’s a phrase that reaches legendary status and gets put on t-shirts. From “loyal” and “is what it is”, to “congrats hun”, the islanders always deliver the goods. It may be early days, but this summer “a bit of you” seems to be taking the top spot. If you’re not up to date with the slang, it’s basically another version of “they’re my type” – so we haven’t veered too far away from the Love Island dictionary.

We hope you’re enjoying all the head-turning drama so far. Drop us a comment or let us know on social media what your best bit has been. And make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s #GossipAlert for another Love Island roundup!


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