25th September 2014

Let’s become Mecca Friends

The word ‘friend’ is used a LOT these days.  You have Facebook friends, Twitter friends, work-friends, school-gate friends and the list goes on. But how many of these people are actually your friends? Did you know the average woman has about 300 Facebook friends? Most people, in actual fact, can count on one hand the […]

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24th September 2014

‘Frienvy’ is the Secret to our Success!

‘Frienvy’ or ‘the feeling of want or need for something or someone that a friend might have’*, can have an upside according to research revealed today. With over 65% of Brits admitting ‘frienvy’ has spurred them on in life and even led them to lose weight and be more positive.  Men admitted ‘frienvy’ even made […]

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12th September 2014

Shop to your heart’s content without spending a fortune

Keeping up with the latest fashions is hard work isn’t it? Trying to find up to date clothes for every occasion that not only suit your shape and size, but also don’t break the bank can be a full time job in itself. But fortunately our trusty supermarkets have the perfect answer for us – […]

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9th September 2014

Mrs R cashes in on Alices Wonderland jackpot

Mrs R on Sunday experienced a moment that everyone, at one point or another, dreams of  when she won over £250,000 while playing Alices Wonderland. Disbelief initially prevailing over all other emotions. Mrs R immediately called the Mecca Bingo customer services team to ensure she wasn’t merely waking up from a pleasant dream. Mrs R, […]

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3rd September 2014

Mr W wins progressive jackpot, cashes in on over £150,000

Mr W, from Essex, experienced a life-enhancing moment when he cashed in on £152,564.87 by winning the progressive jackpot earlier in the week. The moment forever etched in Mr W’s mind occurred while playing Leprechauns Luck. A father and a grandfather, Mr W has paced back and forth with fervour and excitement since the magnitude […]

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