bingo meme - When you’ve got 1TG and someone calls house

20th February 2020

Funny Bingo Memes

We don’t just love brilliant bingo here at Mecca – we are also partial to our fair share of funny memes. Check out some of our favourite ever bingo memes below!

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13th February 2020

The Cast & Crew Are Revealed

Planning the most exciting bingo party EVER takes a lot of hard work. And as the old adage goes – ‘many hands make light work!’. To help out Mecca Fest’s creative director and fantabulous host, Joe Swash, we’ve enlisted the help of a team of expert players who know a thing or two about […]

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12th February 2020

We teamed up with Gemma Collins, but all is not as it first appeared

If you haven’t seen it all over the papers, Gemma Collins was spotted trying on (and buying!) a wedding dress in Chelmsford last week. But revealed the following day it was all just a bit of fun she was having with us following a very exciting shoot for our ‘Nobody’s Watching’ campaign. Aren’t we naughty, […]

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Red carpet with a gold hashtag

8th February 2020

A Round Up of the Best and Worst Outfits from the Oscars 2019

At Mecca Bingo, we love a night of people watching – the glitz, the glamour and the gorgeous frocks! The Oscars is one of those nights, and we can’t wait for Sunday 9th February to see what 2020 has in store. What’ll be this year’s no-nos and top picks? Will it be a parade of […]

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Best Odds Bingo and Mecca Bingo

4th February 2020

Have you played Best Odds Bingo?

If you’ve played online bingo at Mecca recently, chances are you’ve met BOB. BOB – or Best Odds Bingo – is the newest addition to the family and has already made thousands of winners.

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