Value of Money infographic

18th November 2016

The Value of Money

How careful are you with cash? Does a penny on the floor make your day or are you more interested in the big bucks? We asked the nation all about their saving and spending habits to see how the UK really perceived the value of their money.

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Records to try an break

Records to try and break this week

Records were made for breaking. In fact, there’s a whole day dedicated to it! This Guinness World Record Day, you don’t need to out-jump Jessica Ennis or overtake Usain Bolt to see your name added to the illustrious Guinness Book of World Records. Instead, there’s a whole host of other weird and wonderful achievements that […]

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14th November 2016

Five Magnificent Mocktails your Friends will love

Don’t get us wrong, we love a cheeky tipple, but with Alcohol Awareness Week running from 14th – 20th November, we thought it was time to celebrate the mocktail, too. As well as saving you a bit of cash, mocktails are also a whole lot healthier than their alcoholic counterparts, and are the perfect addition […]

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4th November 2016

*Drops Mic* *Beards*: Emojis We Wish Existed 2017

Emojis are officially taking over phones and online chatrooms – we’ve even dedicated a whole game to them! We can summarise whole sentences with the tap of a button and even tell our friends what we really mean, without actually having to say anything 😉 But, have you ever found yourself wanting to use an […]

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