29th August 2017

Bingo Etiquette & Rules | What You Need to Know

Bingo halls and online bingo chat rooms are exciting places for both veterans and newcomers alike. Whether it’s the big money prizes or exciting atmosphere that entices you, there is plenty to look forward to at Mecca Bingo. However, while we do want our customers to enjoy their games, there are a few rules we […]

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Mecca Glasgow

10th August 2017

Make the Most of Glasgow

Want to make the most of your next trip to a Glasgow bingo hall? You have come to the right place. Take a trip to Mecca Glasgow Quay and you will have access to some of the city’s best attractions. Soak in the sights, make memories with your loved ones and experience Glasgow in-between your […]

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8th August 2017

Not a Fan of Footy Chat? Try This!

Football: it’s a beautiful game… apparently! Ask an avid supporter about their club and you won’t hear the end of it, even if it is spoken through a mouth full of Pukka Pie. Because we don’t like anybody to be left out, we’ve put together a medley of football catchphrases for you to use this […]

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3rd August 2017

Will Emojis Soon Replace Words in Text Messages?

We’re a nation of emojis lovers and, at the minute, emojis and words live together in perfect harmony. A simple sentence might seem innocent until – wham! – an aubergine changes everything! But for how long will they exist in perfect harmony, or will emojis, one day, push out words altogether? With the release of […]

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