Bingo Halloween

31st October 2019

Fun Halloween Tips

It’s that time of year again, when everything in the supermarkets is orange and black and children dressed in creepy, cute and creative costumes start knocking on your door hoping for sweet treats.

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Bingo graphics in dusty pink and bright blue background

30th October 2019

The Cultural Impact & History of Bingo in Society

The word Bingo has a variety of associations for different people. Some may think of the song “B – I – N – G – O”, while others might think of the online games that you play from the couch — or you could envisage little old ladies in coats, hunched over their cards in […]

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Bingo numbers and cards

28th October 2019

The Difference Between Offline and Online Bingo

How different can playing online bingo get from being the game that we all know and love? Well, have you ever heard the phrase “same same but different”? That little oxymoron practically sums up the relationship between the two. There are some obvious similarities but there are also significant differences too. Read on to find […]

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Realistic Detailed 3d Lotto Bingo Concept

26th October 2019

The Future of Bingo

Since the game of bingo first came to be in Italy in the 16th century, it has changed and evolved with the world and its players to keep itself relevant and fun. From a national lottery to the game we know today and the online and mobile revolution, this is a game that adapts to […]

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Background of yellow balls with bingo numbers used to randomly select lucky numbers during a bingo game

24th October 2019

Top 8 Bingo Lookalikes

You might be a bingo die-hard who would like to try something different that doesn’t stray too far from your favourite game. Or you’re looking for ways to while away long summer evenings with friends or the short chillier ones with family. We’ve put together a selection of eight games that have a few things […]

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