24th April 2020

Mecca and Carers Trust: Coming together

It’s at times like these that venerable communities need our help and support; and with the help of charities like Carers Trust, we can reach the people that need our help the most.

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23rd April 2020

The Lunchtime Show – Kate Thornton

Last Tuesday was our last Lunchtime Show for now and we had non other than the beautiful Kate Thornton presenting. Topics included why she has not yet been a Bond girls and of all things the dreaded menopause! Did you miss it? Fear not, you can catch up below

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22nd April 2020

Win £500 By Spending A Penny!

We love bingo on a budget here at Meccabingo.com, and this is your chance to pocket up to £500 in cash by simply spending a penny! “How does that work then?” we hear you cry – read on to find out how YOU could be walking away with one of our daily £500 prizes from […]

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Royal golden crown with jewels on british flag. Symbols of UK United Kingdom.

21st April 2020

The Queen’s birthday: what has happened on 21st April?

Did you know that the Queen has two birthdays? Her ‘official’ one take places in June, while her actual birthday – y’know, the day she was actually born – is on 21st April. This tradition of monarch’s having two birthdays dates back more than 250 years, when King George II wanted to move his celebrations […]

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20th April 2020

Britain’s Got Talent is back!

Hold on to your buzzers everyone, the nation’s favourite talent show is back on our screens! That’s right, Britain’s Got Talent has returned, and we couldn’t be more excited. Ant and Dec have returned, alongside our favourite TV judges (we’ve even got a soft spot for Simon and his famously high waistbands!) and of course, […]

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