16th April 2020

Crissy Rock : The Lunchtime Show Week 3

On Tuesday, we had the hilarious Crissy Rock presenting The Lunchtime Show and we pretty much giggled the whole way through it. Demonstrating an impressive skill in live casting and making soup at the same time (try it, that’s not easy), we got a fun filled 40 mins inside the life of Planet Crissy. As […]

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13th April 2020

Duncan Cooks Live – The Recipes Week 3

It’s fair to say that Duncan and his mum have been massive favourites during the last few weeks. In their latest live stream last Thursday, an amazing 13,800 of you tuned in to see what they were up to. Wow! On top of that, they received 1536 comments and had 294 reactions. It’s no wonder […]

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Monday Morning Motivator – Week 2

Yippee! It’s that time of week again… It may be Easter Monday and a public holiday here in the UK, but that’s no reason not to join in with our favourite 90’s fitness instructor! Dig out the dayglo spandex and let’s get on down with the man himself

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12th April 2020

Bake With Ben : The BakeKing Heart Cake Bake

For those of you who have not heard of Ben Cullen yet, the master cake artist known as The BakeKing has been making a meteoric rise in the UK baking community. The former tattoo artist turned his hand to cake making and cake decoration back in 2015 and has taken the country by storm ever […]

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Robin Windsor selfie_3074

11th April 2020

Robin Windsor: Dance Class week 2

Robin was back in The Mecca Ballroom yesterday (ok, it was his kitchen) and the disco beat was pumping as we all got down with The Jive. If you joined in live as so many of you did, how are you feeling today? We all had to take a mini siesta to recover afterwards. Robin […]

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