29th May 2020

Mecca Grand Night In: over £50,000 to be won!

Hold on to your hats, everybody, because we’ve got some rather grand bingo coming your way this Saturday. It’s our Super Grand Night In, and there’s a whopping £50,000 to be won! You heard us right, we’re holding a three-hour bingo extravaganza on Saturday 30th May. We’ve got 30 (yes, 30!) £1,000 full house games […]

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National Biscuit Day: the world’s favourite biscuits

Who doesn’t love a biscuit? Whether it’s dunked in tea or enjoyed on its own, the humble biscuit is a staple of pretty much every British home. So, it’s no surprise that we have a whole day dedicated to the sweet treat. National Biscuit Day is on 29th May each year, and here at Mecca […]

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The Big Mecca Quiz – Chris Hughes Week 4

These are sad times. Last Wednesday night was the last outing for the amazing Chris Hughes hosting our Big Mecca Quiz. At least for the time being anyway. This week, we were back to General Knowledge and we all had some fun along the way. Once again there were lots of prizes so don’t forget […]

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28th May 2020

What’s Your Slot?

With over 400 slots and games to choose from at Meccabingo.com, we’ve certainly got no shortage of great games to keep you entertained! But have you ever wondered what slot would best reflect your interests or personality?

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