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31st July 2020

How to Get Your Friends into Online Bingo in 2020

Did you know that bingo is more popular in the UK than tennis? Thanks to the internet and smartphones, the game has taken off with online bingo sites creating fantastic games specifically tailored for UK bingo enthusiasts. So, if your friends haven’t already joined you, here’s how to bring them online.

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How to play bingo: a bingo guide for beginners

If you think that bingo is a fairly modern game, then you’ll be mightily surprised to hear that it was first documented in the 1500s – we know, that’s even older than us. Very good! Back then there was a game called “beano” in which players marked numbers off their cards against numbers pulled out […]

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29th July 2020

Can I Trust Online Bingo Sites? What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, inadequate bingo sites are rife across the internet. The worst offenders often have poor security and insecure payment methods, which can result in bingo players having their personal information compromised. Do you know what to look out for before joining a bingo site? To help you find the best of the best, we have compiled […]

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27th July 2020

Mecca goes Mega: Play all 90-ball bingo rooms at once!

Some days, the hardest decision of your day will be which biscuit to have with your cuppa and for others, it will be which Bingo room to play in. So, for those days when you’ve decided on a custard cream, but you can’t decide on the Bingo room, why not play in every single one […]

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