Becoming a Bingo Chat Host

If online bingo is in your blood, then a job as a chat host could be your calling.

When you play with Mecca Bingo, you will likely spot the great work done by our Chat Moderators (CMs) in the online forums. If their friendly approach and your interaction with them inspires you to join our trusty team of Chat Moderators (also known as “CHs”, short for “Chat Host”), you’ll be pleased to know it couldn’t be easier to follow in their footsteps – all you need is an understanding of the rules, as well as a knack for great customer service.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the qualities we look for in our best chat hosts:

  • Friendly – If you want to make a good impression and keep the players in the chat rooms for longer, you need to be approachable and friendly. Players are unlikely to ask for your help if you’re not easy to talk to.
  • Patient – You may have had a smooth ride from beginner to mastermind but for some, the journey isn’t quite as easy. You need to be prepared to help players with any type of query or issue no matter how time-consuming it might be.
  • Imaginative – The great thing about chat games is that they give players the chance to win free bonuses and participate in fun, crazy events. The more imaginative and entertaining you are as a chat host, the more people will recognise you and enjoy their games with you in the hot seat.
  • Hold A Conversation – Chat hosts are expected to exactly that – chat. You will be engaging and chatty with all players and able to control and carry a conversation will mean that everyone in the room gets involved and has fun.  

Interested in making the move from player to moderator? See what it takes to become a Mecca Bingo chat host, below.

What is a chat game?

Chat games are similar to playing in a hall, the main difference being that players can’t physically see each other.

Everyone’s free to talk back and forth in either a group or private chat, whilst continuing to play their cards. If you’re unsure what kind of chat games are available, you can familiarise yourself with them, below:

Buddy chat games are where you pair up with a fellow player (a “roomie”), or groups of other players, with the intention of sharing a prize.

Trivia and themed chat games challenge players to answer several general quiz questions. They’re extremely fast-paced: the first one to answer the host’s questions is deemed to be the winner.

Number chat games are all about predicting which ball will come next. The first player to predict the next number the chat host calls out gets the win!

What is a chat host?

A chat host takes on a similar role to an old-fashioned caller but in a virtual environment. They’re there to listen, moderate the action, entertain players, offer guidance or assistance when necessary, and announce any promotions.

As well as knowing online rules like the back of their hand, chat moderators must behave in a professional manner. Assisting players is a CM’s main responsibility, so a person who is conscientious and patient is essential. Taking your time to understand the issues and queries that players have and offering clear and polite advice is key to becoming a great CM.

As conversations tend to flow at a fast pace, chat hosts must be adept at maintaining focus throughout the game. Where conversation moves away from the game, CMs must also be able to resolve disputes while remaining impartial.

Being tech-savvy, having a good understanding of how our site works (along with the Terms and Conditions), and simply being able to type quickly and accurately are some of the more important skills any super-duper chat host needs. The more you know and understand about the rules, the easier it becomes to enforce them while remaining cool, calm and collected.

If you get really good at it, you could be in charge of more than one chat room at a time – so being a great multi-tasker is a plus!

What is Great About Being a Chat Host?

You might think people become chat hosts just for the conversation, and this is true in some cases, but there are paid positions out there too – you just need to keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re always striving to be the host with the most.

If you do end up with a paid role then you’re in for an even better time. After all, working as a CH or CM means working from the comfort of your own home, fitting your work hours around the rest of your schedule. Also, if you think about it, you’re really being paid to play online.

One of the greatest parts of being a chat host is that it places you at the heart of the community. Your job is all about maintaining a lively and thriving community while maximising the fun and excitement for all involved. What you’re doing in the end, is having fun and helping your community to have as much fun as they can too – you will make plenty of friends along the way and maybe even learn a few things about yourself as a player, leader and a host.

New players who come into the community will also be looking to you as an inspiration and a guide to help them find their voice at the table, so creating a relaxed and engaging environment is key to potentially winning an award for best CH.  

To summarise, a great Mecca chat host must possess the following characteristics:

  • Calm, patient demeanor – A little patience, kindness, and politeness goes a long way.
  • Understand Mecca’s rules – We are all here to have fun, but in line with the rules.
  • A real people person – Your community needs to feel welcome and comfortable with you.
  • Can remain impartial – Unbiased moderation means you are being fair.
  • Good at multitasking – Managing multiple chats and assisting multiple people at a time.
  • Speedy keyboard skills – Keep the conversation flowing and nobody waiting on responses.
  • Tech-savvy – know your way around the chat rooms and you will have complete control.

Do you have what it takes to be a Mecca Bingo chat moderator? If the answer is yes, get in touch with our team!


41 thoughts on “Becoming a Bingo Chat Host

  1. Emma Lightfoot

    Hello iv been interested in becoming a Chat Host for awhile now….could i have some more info please….do i get paid etc?

  2. Lucy Clark

    hi, i would love to join the role of being a mecca bingo chat host. I have previous experience with disputes therefore i can handle and keep the chat calm and exiting. Im flexible to work during the day or night. i would love to show my skills and try out the job. I am currently living in York.

  3. julieann harris porter

    id love to become a chat host playing games with my roomies and generally making sure everyone is abiding by all the rules but also having a awesome time while doing it

  4. Toria Hanson

    Hi ya I would love to join your team for the Mecca bingo chat host. I would absolutely love it and the people would enjoy me being in there chat room I would make up some quizzes for them, be friendly, have a laugh keep them entertained

  5. valerie mccormick

    Good afternoon, I am very interested in becoming a bingo chat host. I currently work for a chat site but in the past I have organised quiz and games nights for a very busy restaurant which I loved. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Tania Clark-Halket

    Good day,
    My name is Tania, I use to work as a bingo chat host (CH), I would love to be a CH again. I use to work for MGS.

  7. Rossana Fulgenzi

    Hi I would love to be a chat moderator. Can I have more information on how to apply as your contact us link does not work?

  8. Julie Wagstaff

    Hey i would love to become a chat moderator please could I have more information how I can join your amazing team

  9. maricel baldoza

    Good day,
    My name is Maricel, I use to work as a bingo chat host (CH),
    I would love to be a CH again. I use to work for CM in 888 holdings company ..I have previous experience, I would like to chat host again.

  10. JENNY

    My name is Jen, I use to work as a bingo chat host (CH),
    I would love to be a CH again. ..I have previous experience, I would like to chat host again.:)

  11. Roys

    I was thinking of being CH again, i have previous experience for 3 years as chat host. Thanks 🙂

  12. Christie

    Hello, my name is Christie and would love to get more information regarding the chat host role, I would love to work this role I am very chatting anyway love seeing people have fun and I love bingo 🙂 thank you in advance

  13. Kelly wild

    Hello my name is kelly I am a friendly chatty person who gets on well with other I love a good conversation and meeting new people. I love playing bingo online. I would love the opportunity to work for a brand I feel passionate about.

  14. Diane

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new home as a Chat Host/ Customer Service Agent. I have over 19 years experience in the online gaming arena. If you have any openings please consider me as an applicant. References available on request. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, D

  15. Jane Miller

    I would love to discuss the role & responsibilities for this position further, & would appreciate you contacting me at your earliest convenience. Thank you

  16. Kerry Forbes

    I am very interested in becoming a Mecca Bingo Chat Moderator. It is something I have been thinking about for a while but not had the opportunity until now to put myself forward. When playing bingo the Chat team just make it a whole fun experience and I would love to be a part of that team. Please could I be considered and have some more information about the role please? Thank you.

  17. Meena Hirst

    Hi , I’m interested in the chat host role, I previously worked for Bally’s. I am very interested in becoming a Mecca Bingo Chat Moderator could I get more information please ?

  18. Tracey King

    Hi, I am very interested in the Chat Host Positions if any are available. I used to work for Gala Bingo in Gibraltar for 6 years until they moved it all to Manila. I really enjoyed it and that was the best job remotely I have ever done. Please could I get more info if there are any vacancies? I worked from Spain and the Uk on the above job. Thanks.

  19. Ann Himpson

    Hello I’m very interested in becoming a host eg working from home would be great to do around my daughter who is 3 years old as finding work in the outside world can be hard . And then of course their are the prices around child care which can cost a lot of money thank you . i would love if someone could contact me back thank you


    Hi there i been really interested in becoming a chat moderator, Could you please send me some more details.
    Thank you

  21. Rebecca Stokoe

    Hello, I would like to join the team and become a CH can i have some information on how to apply 😌

  22. Tracey King

    I was a chat host for Gala Bingo in Gibraltar a good while ago, and looking into doing it again remotely as I loved it so much. I would like to apply if you have any opportunities.

  23. Melanie Keating

    Good morning , my name is Mel, I love bingo , and I’m a chatty outgoing person and would love to become a chat moderator, thank you I look forward to hearing from

  24. Jennifer George

    My name is Jenn. I have 15 years experience of being a CM/ Head Host and I am ready to get back into it. If you are hiring please let me know

  25. Samantha Fisher

    Hi my name is Samantha I previously few years back was a ch/cm/cl. i enjoyed it very much and would love the chance to do it again please, can you let me know when you hiring please.

  26. Claire

    Hello, I would like to join the team and become a CH can i have some information please

  27. Julie staples

    Hi I’m interested in becoming a cm I have previously worked as cm laugh on foxy and moon bingo covering many other sites also
    I work hard and had many roomies who would follow me around different sites and room as we was always chatty and having a laugh ( hence the host name)
    Can you please let me know if any vacancies arise
    Many thanks

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