Calling all Bingo and Chatroom fans – it’s time to test your Bingo Lingo knowledge here on the Mecca Blog.

Just how much do you really understand the conversations going on in the Mecca Bingo rooms, we know that even we sometimes can’t keep up with the pace of your chats!

So let’s get started and see how much you really know…? We can’t wait to see the results.

How did you do? Were you surprised by your results? Do drop us a comment in the comments section below and let us know how you did.


  1. Though I think it should be jump and jive 🙂

  2. 10/12 yay

  3. 10 out of 12 not bad for an oldie lol 😂

  4. great quiz mecca 10/12

  5. Got two wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️ actually pressed wrong button in one question 🤣

  6. 10/12 not bad

  7. Didn’t do too bad XX

  8. I got 11 out of 12 not bad was fun doing that

  9. 9 out of 12 aint bad I don’t think dont get to play often now as money is tight but love a good old game now again. Love the host they are very chatty and friendly .

  10. Great bit of bingo trivia cheers Mecca

  11. I’m not surprised bingos my life lol xxx

  12. cool did good lol thanks for game xx

  13. Wooohoooo

  14. Wahooo 10/12 not bad at all. Love mecca bingo and can’t wait to be able to play again at Southend. Fantastic staff 👍😊

  15. Got them all right

  16. Glad i got 10 correct 🙂 fun quiz

  17. Love mecca bingo

  18. Love playing bingo mecca

  19. Like the questions bingo knowledge

  20. that was fun xx

  21. 9 out of 12
    And I thought I knew everything about bingo 😱

  22. 10/12

  23. Love Mecca wish they were open I’ve got hundred pound of vouchers I got for Xmas n 40ty birthday here lol

  24. Charmaine Wilkinson

    Emojis won’t work by typing them for me ;(

  25. Great quiz 👍🏼

  26. Didn’t do too good I was hovering between answers silly me 🤗

  27. Fun to play

  28. 9 out of 12, done better than I thought

  29. The full 12 first time, wooo!

  30. That was fun

  31. CAKE

    12/12 🥳 I don’t understand how I miss bingo like crazy

    Stay safe

  32. CAKE

    12/12 🥳🥳 I don’t understand how I miss bingo like crazy

    Stay safe

  33. 11/12 🙂

  34. fun

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