Bingo fans discover they are long lost sisters in Mecca chat room

Two sisters from opposite ends of the country found each other after 13 years.

It was the surprise of a lifetime for two bingo loving sisters when they realised whilst chatting in the Mecca Bingo chat room that they were indeed sisters, after 13 years apart.

Now reunited, they say that they wouldn’t have been able to cope with lockdown without each other’s support.

The lovely ladies are regular players on the Mecca Bingo website. They had been chatting online with each other for months – without realising they were biological sisters. The pair, who have asked to remain anonymous, hadn’t spoken to each other in 13 years due to a family feud and only realised they were related when they began discussing their hometown. One sister realised almost immediately when the hometown was revealed that they were in fact related to each other.

One of the sisters said: “We never thought we’d end up speaking to each other after all these years! A lot of things have changed in our lives, but we are really looking forward to catching up in the future. Never did we think we would be reunited whilst playing bingo, but we couldn’t be happier that we have been and are very thankful to Mecca.”

The sisters both realised the connection after one asked the other which high school she had attended and how old she was. The revelation was met with delight by the rest of the players with one saying: “family reunited, bless the both of you”.

Before lockdown, the pair teamed up with Mecca to arrange a proper reunion with a special day out in London but it went on hold because of Covid-19.  Obviously both were disappointed and have had to rely on regular video calls since but they hope to meet up properly in the New Year.

Laura Bacon, Bingo Community Manager at, said: “We’re over the moon that that these two lovely ladies could be reunited after 13 years apart, what a fantastic outcome from a game of bingo! To be a part of the reason these sisters have been brought back together after all this time is what makes our bingo community so special – and we hope we can arrange a special get together for them really soon”.


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    We can all have arguments, but why duel on it, talk things over, resolve what you can and if you cant then leave it at that as everyone can have a feud or argument but, just agree that everyone one has a right to their own opinion, and that family is the most important and so are true friends so always keep in touch and play bingo in a hall or on line but always discuss private matters at home not at a bingo hall where you might miss your numbers or online as you dont know who is reading what you wright. Wishing everyone one of us good luck on bingo and slots.

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