Horoscopes with Sally Morgan

Aries – Romance features highly on the agenda this week. A discussion will clear the air and you will feel as if you can go forward making plans with that special person. Your Lucky number I see for you this week is 7.

Taurus – This week is all about career and developing new skills, now is a good time to consider a change in areas that you have been feeling need a little bit of spicing up. Ignore others criticism and follow your own gut feelings which is your true line. Your Lucky number this week is 22.

Gemini – This week is all about new ideas and decisions that make you feel as if you can move mountains. Your confidence is sky high but at the same time you remain realistic. Don’t let others dampen your enthusiasm as you are on point and will receive good news by Thursday. Your lucky number this week is 14

Cancer – This week is all about a new project, Tuesday will see you feeling as if you can go ahead with this new project and complete this exciting new journey within 4 weeks. Your best friend will offer advice – it is being said with love and support so listen. Your lucky number this week is 3.

Leo – You will be required to give some honest remarks and possibly a statement about 2 people you work with, you will do this in a very sincere way and everyone will benefit. Your popularity goes sky high and there are smiles all around. Your lucky number this week is 33.

Virgo – This week you make decisions about tidying up your life because you feel as if someone has let you down and you are determined to learn by your mistakes. This becomes a very good mental exercise and by the end of the week you are feeling enthusiastic about the coming months. Your lucky number this week is 55.

Libra – This week you will feel as if you want to spoil yourself and indulge a secret passion, ordering online is a good way to keep indulging and enjoying those special treats. You are a very generous person so I am sure those nearest and dearest to you will benefit. Your lucky number for this week is 21.

Scorpio – This week you need to put a tight reign on expenditure. You may find in the middle of this week you are wondering why you said yes to a luxury item. You are a very hard worker and you get over any issues by relocating your job schedule. Your lucky number this week is 8.

Sagittarius – This week is full of joy and plenty of surprises, all very exciting and positive. You will hear about the birth of twins and 2 other pregnancies. Make sure you buy plenty of greeting cards as you will need them. Your lucky number is 41.

Capricorn – This week you will feel as if you are in a little bit of a daydream. It doesn’t hurt occasionally to slow down and rethink a situation, you can over come obstacles that at first seemed impossible so never doubt your courage and tenacity. Your lucky number this week is 64.

Aquarius – This week is all about balance in your life good and bad. Ying Yang and black and white. It doesn’t hurt to compromise occasionally, you will discover this helps to move forward. Your lucky number this week is 11.

Pisces – This week you will discover a secret someone close to you has been keeping from the rest of the world, what do you do ? Who do you tell? The first person has to be the person keeping the secret. You will find out a problem shared is a problem halved. Your friendship to this person becomes invaluable. Your lucky number this week is 19.


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  1. Christine yerrill

    Love reading my horoscopes now if I could get a nice win it be great and would make my day XXX

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