If bingo calls were invented in 2022

Bingo callouts are what makes bingo more than a numbers game. If you’ve ever been to one of our iconic bingo halls, you’ll know what we’re talking about! These calls not only make the game even more fun, but they also help players identify the numbers being called out.

Where do bingo calls come from?

Many of the bingo callouts we enjoy come from either rhyming slang used by smugglers in London or Army slang from the ‘30s. Not exactly the most modern! So, the next time you’re at your local Mecca Bingo club, you might want to suggest the caller “get with the times” and use some of our… innovative suggestions from the list below.

Modern bingo calls

1 – Just begun
It’s number one!

2 – Emoji Poo
Don’t tell us you weren’t already thinking it! It’s literally a number 2. (We’re so sorry).

5 – Maroon
Who didn’t go mad for the amazing tunes of Maroon 5 in the early ‘00s. “She Will Be Loved” is still a banger!

6 – Little Mix
Girl band. Kinda popular. Heard of ‘em?

7 – Harambe in heaven
If you know, you know. #RIPharambe

9 – Run out of wine
It was lockdown, this was a national mood.

12 – Cheaper by the dozen
That Steve Martin classic! Always worth a watch in our opinion.

13 – Yass Queen
Can you read it in your head without it sounding awesome?

24 – Lads on tour!
In respect of our armed forces and not beer-drinking ruffians in matching t-shirts in Alicante…

25 – Facebook Live!
Who doesn’t love the unpredictable nature of a Facebook Live video – especially when hosted by a random, distant relative that should have no business on social media of any kind… We’ve all got one.

36 – Tagged in pics
Isn’t that a nerve-racking notification to receive! “What kind of awful facial expressions have I been caught in this time??”

43 – Eat meat-free
2022 is the year of the vegan, after all!

56 – Binging Netflix
There’s just so much good telly now! What are you watching?

58 – Waiting for a mate
From the classic Australian police video clip that went viral and spawned millions of views. If you haven’t seen it, YouTube it immediately!

69 – Netflix and chill

Have an opinion on our suggestions or think you can come up with something better? Why not get involved and send us your best bingo calls on Facebook or Instagram!


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