Modern Gambling Myths & Lucky Charms

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We’ve all hoped to meet Lady Luck at one point or another. A chance opportunity to win big or take home the jackpot when the odds are slim. Luck and chance have been motivating factors in almost all facets of life. The origin of almost all the games we currently play began with attempting to predict a result from an unpredictable circumstance.

Over the ages, many myths have arisen about how to predict an outcome with greater success. Lucky charms and seemingly illogical methods have forged their way into the gaming community. There are myths about how the games work as well as for the way in which you should bet when playing. These include games like bingo, slots and scratchcards.

Additionally, there is a level of scepticism of online gaming that has led to myths being formed around the trustworthiness and fairness of the games. This has caused many players to stay away from what would be an enjoyable experience.

How do these myths measure up under the microscope? Is the reality clear cut or are there ways to court Lady Luck? Here is an overview of the modern gaming myths and lucky charms and whether they are fact or fiction.


Many people think that Bingo is one of the oldest games played by some of the oldest players. That’s only half true. It may be an old game, but it certainly is not limited to older generations.

The truth is that bingo is quite a social game. Even though you’re trying to win, the room is often abuzz with conversations. In the modern age, where an increasing amount of conversation is happening on social media, these social environments can be a refreshing experience. 

Online bingo also attracts the younger generation of gamers. While it might not be as social, it can be just as enjoyable. You can play online from the comfort of your own home through interesting and entertaining apps. Online gaming can create environments that a scout hall can’t. As technologies develop, so too do the online games.

So, what other myths are out there?

Buy more cards to stand a better chance

There is a myth that if you buy more bingo cards you will stand a better chance of winning. Unfortunately, the odds are the same no matter how many times you play or how many cards you buy. So you might just be spending more money. 

Multiple Bingo cards stack on top of each other

There is nothing wrong with playing a lot of bingo, especially if you’re enjoying it. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that buying more cards is a tactic to win. Rather enjoy the game for what it is.

Online bingo is rigged

Being in the same room as the announcer often puts players at ease about the trustworthiness and fairness of the game. This is especially the case if the announcer is charismatic and friendly.

In contrast, having a computer as the announcer may make players sceptical of the real-time aspect of the game. This has led to the myth that online games are rigged.

Once again, this myth is simply not true. Online providers need to be legal and licensed to operate. This comes with game testing and regulation. Online bingo games, like most other online casino games, make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) to deliver the relevant numbers or letters. This means that an online announcer can be trusted more than the charismatic announcer at a venue. 

That being said, it’s worth pointing out that there are illegal sites online, and they may have rigged systems. That is why it is always best to use a reputable online casino that is licensed and regulated.


Slot machines are a game that requires quite a bit of luck, and with good reason: it is often the game with the highest house edge in a casino. You might need to play slots many times to win anything. That’s why you might have seen a player with a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover keyring sitting at the slot machines. They need the luck.

The need for good fortune has led to many slots myths, both for those who play slots in a casino and those who play slots online.

A machine is due a payout

You might see someone sitting at a slot machine persistently looking over their shoulder. This is because they are worried that someone is watching them play and is waiting for them to leave so that they can reap the benefits after the slot machine has been warmed up. This whole dynamic is built on the myth that a slot machine can be due for a payout. 

Someone putting money into a slot machine

This myth is not true. Each spin of the slots is independent from the last. So while the handle of the slot machine may be hot, the machine itself certainly is not. The odds remain the same, and chances are if you sit long enough you will win something. It won’t necessarily be the jackpot though.

You won’t win with bonus tokens

For those who play slots online will know that many online casinos offer welcome bonuses that often include bonus tokens. There is a myth that these bonus tokens won’t ever win you anything because the online slot machine knows you’re playing with a bonus token.

This is not true. Online slots make use of RNGs to generate their numbers, too. There is no way for the RNG to know whether the token used came from your deposit or as part of a welcome bonus. You can win big with bonus tokens.


Scratchcards are quick and fun to play. Knowing that there is a potential winning combination hidden beneath a layer of latex or UV ink can be exciting, especially if the winnings are high.

Even though scratchcards are one of the simplest of games, it too has myths both for physical scratchcards and online scratchcards. 

Expensive scratchcards offer a higher chance of winning

Scratchcards come in different shapes, sizes and prices. Some are more expensive than others and it’s not just because they used a more expensive paper in production. It is meant to indicate that the odds of winning the more expensive scratchcard are lower, or better, than the cheaper scratchcard. Is there any truth in this?

To a degree there is, and to a degree there isn’t. Sure, there may be less scratchcards in circulation with the more expensive ones, but how big is the difference in odds? The truth is, not much. There is often a fraction of a percentage difference in odds between the cheaper and more expensive scratchcards. Certainly not enough of a difference to justify the difference in price. You practically have the same odds with the cheaper scratchcards, as you do with the more expensive ones.

Online scratchcards never have winners

Online scratchcards are often ignored due to the myth that you never really win. This myth is also not true. Online scratchcards make use of the RNGs to generate their cards. While the odds can be stacked against you, the game is never rigged for you to lose.

One of the best things about online scratchcards is that they come in forms that physical scratchcards can’t. In online casinos you can find scratchcard games in the form of hangman and scrabble. This brings additional levels of enjoyment when you play online casino games, outside of winning actual money. 

Myths about wagers

When it comes to casinos, the main goal is to enjoy yourself and win some money. You don’t want to leave empty handed, or worse, in debt. Managing your bankroll is the only way to bet responsibly. 

Some players don’t just want to win, they want to win big. As a result, many myths have risen about how you can leave a casino with full pockets. These myths are more concerned with how you manage your wagers and bets.

Winning streaks

3 red dice saying you’re on a roll

There is a common myth that you should keep betting when you’re on a winning streak. Is there such a thing as a winning streak when it comes to casino games? The answer is both yes and no. Objectively there is no way to predict a winning streak, so in that sense it is a myth. You could maybe have improved your skills at a game and become better at it. For the bulk of land-based and online casino games, it comes down to chance. 

Every game is unique, so whether or not you have just won or lost is irrelevant to the odds at hand. So it’s wise to not bet on any winning streak, because ultimately, it’s still down to chance. There is a chance that you could win a couple times in succession. That’s why winning streaks are not completely a myth. As long as you remember that your streak begins again with every game.

Progressive betting

There is also a myth that if you win a game, you should increase your bet for the next game. While some believe that you’ll earn more from your winnings this way, the truth is that you could actually leave with less than if you kept the bets steady. 

The reason for this is that your losses on an inflated bet will cancel out most of your winnings. You would need to leave on a win for progressive betting to work, but that would go against the impulse to increase your bet. It is wiser to bet steadily and within your bankroll budget.

While just about all of the myths mentioned above have been proven false, you can be certain to find gamers creating news ones and trusting in their lucky charms. The truth is these games are based on chance and odds. Those who play online casino games can feel assured that those odds are as fair as ever. There are many online casinos where you can play online bingo, slots, scratchcards and more. Perhaps Lady Luck prefers the online world better.

We’re here to help you keep it fun – remember to set your deposit limit. Click here for more details on the safer gambling tools available including reality checks and the ability to take a break from your gaming.


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