Pirates: Free Spins Edition is Top of the Slots

Another week has rolled around here at Mecca (they really do come around quickly don’t they?) but it also means we’ve got a new Top of the Slots in the spotlight and a new offer, just for you. We really do spoil you, don’t we?

This week’s number one, Top of the Slots, is a game that’s only just graced the Mecca shores, so if you enjoy hunting for treasure chests and battening down the hatches then Pirates: Free Spins Edition is the one for you. As you journey across the reels, you’ll discover the pirate crew, maps, books, monoculars and hopefully – a big cash win.

The clue is in the name, but this game is all about the free spins. All your wins will automatically be doubled when you trigger one and this increases to a whopping 10x your win when the Frenzy feature comes into play. Shiver me timbers!

The pirate-themed fun doesn’t end there of course. There’s also a Bonus Chance feature which gives you, you guessed it, a bonus chance at another free spin which could get you closer to a huge win, me hearties.

As if that wasn’t enough already, to celebrate the launch and to give a well-needed January pick-me-up, we’re giving you the chance to bag up to 25 free spins when you give it a whirl this week. Free spins will be available on Dragon’s Luck Power Reels Sounds good? You just need to opt in and then:

Deposit and stake £10 get 5 free spins                 

Deposit and stake £20 get 10 free spins 

Deposit and stake £30 get 15 free spins                                   ​

Deposit and stake £40 get 20 free spins​

Deposit and stake £50 get 25 free spins

You can get ready to sail the seven seas on this new slot game for as little as 10p, so what are you waiting for? Don’t worry if Pirates aren’t your thing though, as at Mecca Bingo, we’ve got more slot games than you can wave a skull and crossbones flag at. From Mecca Originals that we’re made with our players in mind, to huge daily jackpots that MUST be won by midnight every night. Yo ho ho.

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