Here we are again bingo fans. Another week, another Monday – that means it’s time for our favourite psychic, Sally Morgan with her weekly horoscope.

Grab a cup of tea, get comfy and find out about your week ahead..


Aries, hopes and fears are discussed and put away, you’re feeling secure and free from burdens. Your self-worth is on the rise as you are free from those burdens that once held you back. The release this week will make you feel very light and happy.


Taurus, confliction around choices in your love life will be overcome this week and you will find yourself getting your wish. Believe in your choices and move forward with happiness.


Gemini, memories of your childhood are laid out in front of you. This helps with certain decisions that have to be made concerning family. The memories give you clarity so take note of them.


Your love life is full on and you may find it challenging to make decisions on the spot but be brave, you can do it. Your gut will always be telling you the truth so listen to that over your heart.


Leo, family have high expectations so you need to make it clear that it’s got to be a team effort. Don’t feel you need to take on everyone’s problems, you also need a teammate and someone to unload on, so make sure you don’t navigate things alone.


Virgo, you have spring cleaned your home this week, now you can start on your life. All is good and you go forward with happiness knowing that you’ve made the right decisions.


Libra, it’s a good time for ideas and thinking out of the box. Your life is spinning in the right direction so do not be afraid to say yes to those big decisions, everything is looking positive.


Scorpio, your home is your castle so you find yourself decorating, changing colours and fabrics will help your creative side. Make a home that you have longed for and want to show to friends and family.


Sagittarius, a commitment or payoff enables you to move forward not only in your personal life but at work. Go with it, don’t hesitate, it will be worth it and you’ll be able to progress in all aspects of your life.


Capricorn, friends rely on your opinion this week. You’re always kind, thoughtful and you’ve helped them in so many ways. They will thank you and you will feel the love back from them, and they are very grateful.


Aquarius, your spiritual side shines through this week. You have been deep in thought for a while, this gives a boost with your intuition, trust it, go with it and all will be well.


Pisces, you want to settle down and create a happy environment to expand your life in ways you never thought possible, big decisions are made this week and you feel like you are moving forward in a big way.

That’s it for April! Make sure you tune in next week for Sally’s May video.

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  1. I hope it’s true for Aries .it’s all up and down at min with my mum .happy one min and tears the next.

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