5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Talent

With our very own Mecca Bingo’s Got Talent underway, giving entrants the opportunity to put themselves on centre stage to not only bag the title of most talented but to also win £5,000, a talent agency introduction, the chance to perform at 6 Mecca Club Events and TWO tickets to the Britain’s Got Talent finals!

Whilst these talented individuals compete for such a coveted title and opportunity why not find out how you can discover your hidden talent:

What do you enjoy doing?

Natural talent can only take you so far, without passion and enjoyment for what you’re doing, you won’t develop those skills further. So, have a think about what you really like to do – is it drawing, singing, dancing, painting or maybe even juggling? Then make it your own and grow your talent, because you could be the next big thing!   

Experiment with something new

If you have no idea where to even begin, or nothing you’re tinkling with is proving to be a worthwhile talent, then why not try something new? Look into local creative classes or a sports team you can join. Inspiration and a newfound gift may be just around the corner!

Reflect on your past

Remembering your past is a great way to find a hidden, or let’s say a dormant, talent. Did you play sports or do extra murals at school? Did you ever get an award or a ‘rising star’ trophy? And even if you didn’t get any recognition, was there anything you really loved doing? See if you can get back into it then try and tap into that talent and passion again. You may just rediscover something you’re amazing at!

Got any hobbies?

Do you collect anything, love to read, enjoy bird watching? You could turn your hobby into a talent by fascinating people with what you know. This could be done through a comedy act or fun presentation or something like a thought-provoking TedTalk – there are plenty of ways you can share your passions with people through entertainment.

Speak to your loved ones

It can be really hard sometimes to see for yourself what you’re good at, you may even doubt yourself and your talent. So, it’s a great idea to chat to someone your close with and get their opinion and support. Either they can help you remember a past hobby or talent you had as a child that you’ve forgotten about, help you find something new to try, or let you know how you’re getting along.

Ready to discover your hidden talent? Let us know how you get on in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!

If you want to know more about Mecca Bingo’s Got Talent and follow the heats, then speak to a team member in club or click here.


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