What Happened in Week Nine of Bake Off?

Things were getting serious in the tent – it was semi-finals time! For the quartet of remaining bakers, it was time to tackle … patisserie week – gulp!

Keep reading to find out how it went.

Great British Bake Off Week 09

Signature Bake – 2 x 12 Financiers

Patisserie week is always one of the toughest weeks in the tent – and the bar was set right from the Signature Bake.

Dan, Josh, Matty and Tasha were asked to bake 24 financier cakes, fit for a Parisian café!

Dan took on an intriguing matcha, tonka bean and pistachio duo for one set of his ‘Fancy’ Financiers, with a more traditional peach, raspberry and orange combination for his second dozen.

Josh went for more classic tastes in his ‘Perfect Pudding’ financiers, with a raspberry and almond combo alongside a chocolate, hazelnut and orange bake.

Last week’s Star Baker, Matty’s ‘Pick Me Up’ financiers treated us to a dozen tiramisu bakes, alongside 12 coconut, mango and lime cakes.

Tasha, trying to recover from last week’s Viennese Whirl difficulties, went for a raspberry and pistachio combo, alongside a hazelnut and coffee pairing.

The judges thought Josh’s fruity option was too strong, while his chocolatey option had great flavour but a dry bake. Visually, they weren’t too impressed with Tasha’s 24 financiers, but they were blown away by the flavours and the bake of her raspberry and pistachio pairing!

Paul and Prue praised the appearance of Matty’s double dozen, although the tiramisu was a bit on the dry side, while the coconut, mango and lime cakes were a touch heavy.

Once again, Dan dazzled with the appearance of his bakes, and his flavours paid off too – even his matcha, tonka bean and pistachio trio!

And as for his vanilla and orange creation? Paul was speechless … out came the handshake!

Winner: Dan

Could do better: Tasha

Technical Challenge – Tarte Aux Pomme

Onto the semi-final technical… Prue’s favourite dessert, an exquisitely presented tarte aux pommes!

The finesse required had all the bakers on edge, with both Matty and Tasha both thinking back to previous troubles in the tent – and everyone dreading a soggy bottom!

As the technical went on, Dan and Tasha found themselves bamboozled by the concentric circle requirements of the apple slices.

Judgement time…

Dan’s pastry had cracked but the flavours and bake were good. Matty’s was slightly underbaked and a tad soggy. Paul called Tasha’s a ‘disaster’ with a very underbaked pastry, while Josh’s pastry was ‘delicious’.

Winner: Josh was in 1st place

Could do better: Tasha came last, followed by Dan in 3rd place and Matty in 2nd place

Showstopper – Mille Foglie

The final challenge before next week’s final, but who will be in it? The semi-final four were asked to make a ‘millefoglie’ – the Italian equivalent of the famous French mille feuille – yikes!

‘Handshake’ Dan went for a ‘Hypersonic’ bake, with coffee, chocolate, amaretto and tiramisu in the shape of an electric guitar.

Seeking an even flakier pastry, Tasha risked it all by adding the butter to the outside of her pastry. Her ‘Mango Mojito’ showstopper featured layers of lime and mint mousse and a mango curd – yum!

Matty went all out Italian with his ‘Taste of Italy’, starring a three-tiered cake of limoncello, amaretto plus lemon and plum curds, woah!

As for Josh, he opted for a lemon, blackberry and blackcurrant bake – all dedicated to his nan!

But whose flavours, bake and design wowed the judges?

‘A thing of beauty’ is how Prue described Josh’s showstopper. Paul said the pastry was amazing, but may have overbaked it very slightly – although Prue disagreed!

Dan’s mirror-glazed electric-blue electric guitar squeezed out the sides a touch, but the decoration and flavours were tip-top, with flakes throughout.

Matty’s triple-tiered bake ended up slightly squashed, with the judges unimpressed by the rubbery pastry – although his flavours were excellent! Tasha, who feared no layers at all during the bake, ended up with a great flakey lamination, but her mango curd wasn’t as smooth as she’d hoped!

Winners: Josh and Dan

Could do better: Tasha

Star Baker

Josh is this week’s Star Baker! It seemed like a close call with Dan after his handshake in the signature, however, Josh’s patisserie week was très bien and deserved the title.


Noel and Dan discussing if Northerners or Southerners bake better – we’ll let you decide!

Going home

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Tasha. She’s been delightful to watch this series and brought a lovely energy to the tent. We’ve really enjoyed seeing all her delicious bakes!

We hope you enjoyed our review for Week Nine of The Great British Bake Off! Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the episode.

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