Are these the best bits of Euro 2020?

England’s dreams may not have come true on Sunday night at the hands (and feet) of Italy, but there are plenty of highlights to look back on following an amazing summer of football.  

Euro 2020 proved to be a tournament for the ages! And now we’re looking back at some of the standout moments, perfect performances and most thrilling plays from the 51 matches across 11 host cities.  

England beat Germany 

An absolutely nail-biting game – even before the players took to the pitch! The long-lasting football rivalry goes back generations, so there was everything to play for, for both sides before their faceoff, plus competing for a spot in the quarter-final fixture. This proved to be a true highlight reel performance for England, eventually beating Germany 2-0 thanks to goals by Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane late on the clock. Truly one to remember!  

All the fans!  

Who’d of thought it! We took it for granted for years, but actually seeing football fans of all nationalities filling the stands in every stadium was amazing. Bringing some real noise and energy to the games was a welcome addition, and we’re sure the players appreciated the support too. Did you get out to a game? Let us know in the comments below!  

Five-goal thriller

Netherlands vs Ukraine proved to be a blast! The third game of the tournament really turned up the heat, with the Dutch side leading by 2 goals shortly after half time. Ukraine then came back into the fight with the match ended 3-2 to Netherlands after a well-fought contest between two great teams.  

First goal against Italy 

The end result may not have been what many fans were hoping for, but there’s no denying the absolute thrill of Luke Shaw’s early goal against Italy – less than two minutes into play! It gave the team, and crowd, and nation a big buzz that saw them through a dominant first half in the final stage of the tournament.  

Halfway hero: Patrik Schick 

Didn’t see this one live? Then it’s Definity worth a watch on YouTube! During the Czech Republic’s game with Scotland, Schick pushed the Czechs on to a 2-0 lead with an absolute screamer of a goal, sent all the way from the halfway line. The goalie stood no chance and Schick’s mighty kick is now a contender for one of the best Euros goals of all time!  

Andreas Christensen definitely deserves a mention here too – scoring an absolute belter from outside the box to put Denmark 3-1 up against Russia. What a goal!  

France vs Switzerland

This high-stakes fixture had everyone on the edge of their seats! The following game from Spain’s 5-3 win over Croatia always had a lot to live up to, but France versus Switzerland truly delivered. France gained a strong 3-1 position early over the Swiss, but late goals by Seferovic and Gavranović but Switzerland back in the fight! The score levelled at 3-3, pushing the action on to penalties, ending in a 5-4 win to Switzerland, knocking top dogs, France, out of the Euros.   

Euro 2020 was really a tournament for the ages when we all needed it most. The highs, the lows, and everything in between. There were obviously too many standout moments to mention, but what were yours? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.  

It goes without saying, but we’re immensely proud of the England team and how far they came. You’ll see nothing but smiles from us!  

As for what’s next, Euro 2020 has given us a massive boost of hope and confidence going into the 2022 Qatar World Cup next year, and we believe the hype. Come on, England!  


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