Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Love Island Week 7

To kick off this week’s Love Island catch up, we ask that you spare a moment with us to appreciate the brilliance of the opening music of this season’s episodes……From Soulja Boy to Freestyler, the producers have been throwing it way back with some classics that were probably released before some of these islanders were even born. And we’ve been enjoying every second of it. But let’s get into a few of the biggest shockers of the seventh week.


What a journey it has been with Teddy and Faye. We’ve had some high highs with the exchanging of each other’s rings, under-the-cover snogs, and the shared love for a little stuffed toy. But there were some real low lows after Movie Night. Faye absolutely lost it at Teddy after seeing him interested in Clarisse during that awful Casa Amor period. And in an explosive rage she told Teddy she wanted to carry on in the Villa alone…
In walks new bombshell Priya, who shows interest in ol’ Ted. Luckily, this was the catalyst that Feddy needed to realise they both really liked each other. With some grovelling on Faye’s part, the couple is back together (for the 100th time) and we can’t help but be happy about it.

Posh Island

This past week we had to say goodbye to Abigail, Dale and Matt. It seems the OGs continue to hold onto their place in Love Island, but that hasn’t stopped the producers from sending in new bombshells left, right and centre.
Priya and Aaron came in after the shocking (or was it?) Island Vibes Club dumping and swiftly hit it off with Matt and Mary respectively. But as you’ve already read, Matt is no longer providing his towering presence and reluctant “top ‘o the mornin’s” because of Brett, who lounged his way into the Villa and into Priya’s top choice.

Now these two, one a medical student and the other studying for his PHD, are possibly the most educated and posh couple to date. However, we’ve seen it play out many times before that posh people don’t do well in Love Island. Could it be that they know what Brexit is, how to write an ‘E’ or that you can’t manifest your shoe size?


We’re not talking about the National Vocational Qualification, but rather the system devised by the girls in the Villa to, uhm, rate their intimate actions with their partners. This week, the girls graduated with flying colours, and the boys scored big time at Wembley (their metaphor has been a bit trickier to decipher, but we think we got it). Do you also wait in anticipation for the islanders to come up with these weird analogies? Who could forget the breakfast club and do bits society?


Two couples decided to go exclusive this past week. Liam and Millie in a private conversation at the Island Vibes Club – short and sweet. Then Tyler planned to take his “exclusive proposal” up a notch by taking a card out of Love Actually. After sending Kaz on a little scavenger hunt to their special places in the Villa, he asked the question on the terrace with some bath towels.

Heart Rate Challenge

This is one of the challenges we have been waiting for the most. Cue saucy lap dances! Magic Mike attempts! The use of props! Fishnet tights and abs for days! This season didn’t hold back…or maybe it did with Mary’s book day mermaid costume and the return of Curtis’ feathered headdress that Chloe quickly discarded. Millie Moo and Teddy seemed to have brought the heart rates up the most among the islanders, even taking the top spot over some people’s partners (like Jake).

Doubts about Jake

Speaking of Jake, has Liberty finally come to her senses? After Kaz and Tyler became exclusive with a right old towel ceremony, Jake kept Lib to the side, preventing her from running up to her friend and saying “remember we’re on a TV show”. We’ve known for a while that the water engineer seems shady (cough cough Casa Amor), but it has become even more clear with every “but you’re my girlfriend” comment he makes. Lib needs reassurance that you find her attractive mate, not that Millie and Mary are your type but she’s still your girl. What do you think will happen with Jiberty? And what are you hoping to see in the last week? (Fingers crossed for the baby challenge.) Let us know your thoughts on social media or drop a comment below. Don’t forget to be back here for the final #GossipAlert Love Island roundup!


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