Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Love Island Week 4

We’re now officially a month into this season of Love Island and we honestly can’t remember what life was like before. What were we doing in the interim before 9pm and our nightly fix of “can I pull you for a chat?”. What we’ve learnt after 4 weeks of this show is that they’re certainly pulling all the stops out to keep us watching, with what feels like a dumping every episode, brand-new islanders in between and dynamics that change so quickly it’s giving us whiplash. So, what have we been enjoying (or not so enjoying) this week?

Getting pied and literal pies

The snog, marry, pie challenge is always an interesting addition to the show (Remember Belle’s “come at me with a ring, I dare you” from two years ago?) and can often cause rifts between strong couples. Do you snog the person you’re coupled with or marry them? This season, the shocks came from Jake kissing Kaz (the best mate!) and Danny pieing Lucinda… the girl he’s coupled up with. Not the apple of his eye then, wink.

Mille and Liam

The couple we think are most likely to come out on top. From Liam calling her Millie Moo to the way they just genuinely seem to fancy each other, we think they have what it takes to reach the end. Liberty, we love you, but there’s just something about Jake we can’t get on board with. Sorry.

More cliffhangers than EastEnders

The producers are obviously trying to think of more ways to keep us watching seeing as the calibre of islanders, ahem, leaves a lot to be desired. This means they keep ending the episodes on huge cliffhangers, but because we can always guess what’s going to happen anyway, they fall a little flat.

A week of quadruple dumpings

The biggest shock probably comes from the fact that this is the first time two bombshells have left with absolutely no love interests. In fact, they actually seemed more into each other by the time they left! Danny and AJ left mid-week and Sharon left at the beginning of the week, paving the way for three new islanders…

Abigail, Georgia and Tyler enter the building

….and Georgia promptly gets dumped a day later. But anyway. The “terrible trio”, as dubbed by the rest of the islanders, entered the villa with intention to cause havoc. Tyler went after Kaz (and succeeded), Abigail went after Toby (and succeeded) and Georgia had her sights set on Hugo before she unceremoniously left the island.

Hugo woke up and chose violence

Hugo served up some hot and steaming tea in Thursday’s recoupling with an explosive speech when choosing Chloe after the guy she was coupled up with chose someone else. He went in hard, saying she didn’t deserve to be treated like that and that she deserves someone honest and that can communicate with her. It’s bringing all the drama we deserve and we’re here for it.

Faye’s brown lipstick

Just, why?

And that’s a wrap for this week. Are you enjoying our weekly Love Island updates? Drop us a comment or let us know on social media what you’re thinking. Who are you loving? Or don’t you care? As usual, don’t forget to keep an eye out for next week’s #GossipAlert for another Love Island roundup!


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