Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Love Island Week 8

We’ve got some good new and some bad news, guys. The bad news? This is the penultimate Love Island round-up and the last one before the final tomorrow. The good news? Our evenings are no longer shackled to sitting in front of the TV as soon as it hits 9pm. This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and a massive Love island first: a couple breaking up with only a few days to go until the winners of the 50k are announced. RIP Jiberty. So, for the second to last time, let’s see what the last week in the Love Island villas had for us, shall we? 

The baby challenge  

Although it comes around every year and is a little bit weird, it always gives us a giggle. This year’s laughs came from Faye literally hiding in a wardrobe to avoid taking care of her and Teddy’s baby and Chloe and Toby’s baby’s arm literally falling off. New parents, eh. 

Feddy become official 

To say Faye and Teddy have had a bumpy ride would be an understatement. But finally, stood fully clothed in a swimming pool of petals (which sounds horrific as far as dates go but they seemed to like it), Teddy asked Faye to be his girlfriend. And she said yes, if you didn’t guess. How long will they last on the outside? Only time will tell. 

The “talent” show 

Put in speech marks because, well, we don’t really think playing the piano with one finger, being mean and singing very badly to Tom Jones counts as a talent but hey ho. Between Chloe scrawling profanities on a whiteboard when she’s meant to be doing maths and Kaz’s talent simply being fit as she lies there being drawn by Tyler (we respect it) the talent pool in the villa was shallow this year. 

Priya’s un-brie-lievable standards 

Priya decided to dump Brett because she asked him his favourite cheese, he told her it was Brie and she thought that was “boring”. Sorry Priya, ask a boring question and get a boring answer. Luckily her announcement that she found him boring paved the way for all the islanders to choose them as the least compatible which meant they were swiftly dumped from the island. Sweet dreams are made of cheese and all that. 

The concept of the “ick” 

Priya got the ick for Brett and then Jake jokingly (we think) told Liberty he had it because of how messy she was. The ‘ick’ is basically the sudden feeling of disgust for the person you were previously attracted to based on small and, to others, insignificant things (like cheese of choice). It has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon in the past year, with people sharing reasons they suddenly went off their partner on Twitter and we have a feeling its role in Love Island will only increase in upcoming seasons. 

Is this the end for Jiberty?! 

We were heartbroken watching Liberty sob about how she had realised Jake didn’t love her, or even really fancy her, after we were subjected to 3 separate occasions of Jake putting her down in the space of a morning. We then witnessed Liberty tell Jake how she felt and for him to not even put up a fight, cementing in her (and our) mind that what she was saying was true. The painful “I hope you find a girl that wears blazer dresses” is a feeling we’re sure has been felt by every woman across the UK once they’ve realised their man thinks he can do better. Although this was written before Friday’s episode, we have reason to believe that the couple will be leaving the villa, allowing the remaining couples to battle it out for the 50k prize. We have a huge amount of respect for Liberty – at 21, she has realised her worth and that a man who won’t tell you you’re fit isn’t worth sticking around for, even with only a few days to go until the final.  

How have you found this season? Who do you think will be crowned the kings and queens of the villa? Please let us know your thoughts on this week by dropping us a comment below or by letting us know on social media! We have one more #GossipAlert dropping on Tuesday next week, after the final, giving you a roundup of the entire season and on the crowned winners of Love Island season 7. 


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