Global ghouls: Halloween across continents

Buckle up for a ghostly gala around the globe that’s sure to leave you spellbound. You’ll be amazed at how Halloween brings people from all around the world together in a magical celebration!

United States: Stars, stripes, and spooks

Americans sure know how to let spook-tacular dreams come true. Halloween is a huge event, where folks of all ages dress up in costume. From pumpkin-carving contests to fun hayrides, through haunted corn mazes, the U.S. knows how to rock Halloween.

Belgium: Ghosts and saintly soirées

Some Belgium villages go all out for Halloween, while others roll out the red carpet for All Saints’ Day. On the night of Halloween, they’ll light a candle and share a spooky story of a departed relative. Belgians love a good blend of chilling tales and heart-warming traditions.

Ireland: Home of Hallows’ Eve

Ireland – where the spooky tale of Halloween began. The Irish have blended ancient traditions with new fun. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself swept up listening to ghost stories around bonfires. Or parading down the street in elaborate costumes!

Mexico: Dancing with the departed

Mexico’s celebration is a dazzling blend of vibrant colours, marigolds (also known as the flower of the dead), and sugar skulls. Families gather to honour their dearly departed with feasts, lively parades, and heartfelt altars.

Germany: From spooks to spectacles – Deutsch style!

Halloween auf Deutsch kicks off mid-October, painting the town with a spook-tacular display of decorations. It’s the season where every party is a Halloween bash! On 11th November they keep the spooky spirit alive with Matinstag, complete with a lantern procession and a parade of costumes.

Halloween party ideas

Ready to turn your Halloween gathering into an unforgettable fright fest? We’ve got party ideas to haunt your dreams.

Bewitching pumpkins: Have a carving competition and display your ghastly masterpieces for all to see.

Creep in with movie marathons: Set up a screening area for a night of horror classics.

Ghoulish living: Transform your space with cobwebs, eerie lighting, and a soundtrack that would make Michael Myers proud.

Monster selfies: Invite guests to come as their favourite monster for a fun costume contest.


And there you have it fellow spooky pals! Halloween isn’t just any old holiday, it’s a worldwide party. Leave a comment below and tell us how you like to show off on the creepiest time of the year.

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