Your Horoscopes with Sally Morgan : 12 – 18 April 2021

With unseasonably cold weather at the moment and even snow in many parts of the country, we are all feeling the need for a brighter week ahead. Just in time, Psychic to the Stars, Sally Morgan is back with us to tell us all about our week.

So what does this week have in store for us? Carry on reading to find out more…


The unsettling last few weeks improve over this week, making life much happier for you and you’re able to debate change rather than argue. This makes for much more space in your head to arrange things and to have positive vibes all of this week. It’s looking like a calmer, smoother week ahead Aries.


This week if you do not like the way an idea is being presented to you then you need to speak up. This week is all about Taurus being strong and standing up for what they know is right for them. Action leads to teamwork and teamwork for you this week Taurus is exactly the sort of situation that makes you feel as if you are achieving and accomplishing a situation that you thought undoable.


This week for you is going to be slightly more exasperating than any other week this month and in the near future you will find the people around you are acting like children. Why, what, where and when is being asked of you all the time. I really feel that if you want a satisfactory outcome to this week you need to really look at how you would do it rather than how others would do it. This can be a week for you of great achievement and you will feel as if you have put your point across as a team effort and be very satisfied with how everyone is reacting to your ideas.


This week challenges you to think out of the box, it’s exciting and creative and sends you on adventures you never thought possible. Put any fears you might have of disappointing others aside. If you make yourself happy others will be happy, they will not only sense your happiness and the way that you are looking in a positive way at a certain challenge, they will also wish to follow.


This week is a very good week for you even though you are feeling that you’re being pulled both ways. Two directions only one path, please choose wisely and the rest will follow. Even though you may feel you are missing out on a good opportunity the path that you do take eventually gives you everything you need this week.


This week starts by you feeling very stuck but there’s always a solution and if anyone can find a way out of the maze you find yourself in then it’s you. You are feeling as if you are running around chasing your tail. All this will change by Thursday giving you one of the best weeks that you will have for a long time.


Always there to support a friend, kind compassionate never wanting anything for your time. Libra this week is most definitely a week where you will be thanked and put on a pedestal even though you never want anything for your time. You shine this week as your caring side is needed by others, your time and your generosity is greatly received and you get a feeling of satisfaction that you have done everything you possibly can to help a friend.


This week is all about you being told a secret and you being able to keep it. Celebrations are in the air but there is someone there that doesn’t want anyone to know, but Scorpio they decide that they will let you in on something big that is about to happen. You remain tight lipped and you will be rewarded for this. Scorpio you sit at the top table.


Sagittarius, what do they say ? We learn by our mistakes, well this week you may feel you haven’t but what do I always say, behind every success is failure, so chin up, keep going remain positive you can succeed.


This week is all about celebrating, you want to celebrate with others. Even though we find ourselves under restrictions you will find a way where you can enjoy your time with other people. This week for you is all about being innovative, kind and making sure the others enjoy themselves as much as you.


They say that there is a book in all of us that are Aquarius and this week you will be thinking about your life, you’ll be looking at possibly beginning a journal or maybe looking at old photographs and memories, you will be remembering people that you love and the hessian days of your life. This week is all about you bringing others into your world and laughing and being positive about your past.


Now don’t worry you haven’t missed the boat, the thing is this week you could be feeling “should I have done that differently?” “Shall I start again?” No Pisces you are very good at making decisions that perhaps others wouldn’t feel comfortable with. Pisces you are on the way to greater things, this week for you is visionary go for it.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you looking forward to this week or have you decided staying at home for another week is no bad idea?


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