Horoscopes with Sally Morgan: 17th – 23rd May

Aries – This week Socialising with friends and family will inspire you to be more creative and discuss a new business venture with a positive outcome. Do not be put off by one particular friend who is determined to control you as they are afraid you might not be there for them. Your lucky number this week is 3

Taurus – This week you will feel as if you need to find a new hobby that stimulates your creative side. Photography – especially black and white images – inspire you to find your own way of expressing your wonderful artistic flare. Your lucky number is 19  

Gemini – This week is all about your love life and organising exactly how you see your relationship going forward. Last month Love was a little bit messy, but this week its completely the opposite. Follow your gut feeling and don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Your lucky number is 26.

Cancer – This week you will find yourself with a new purchase that makes you feel as if you have achieved another goal in your life. it’s been a long time coming so therefore shout about it… you are not showing off you are celebrating.

Leo – this week travel plans are buzzing around in your mind and staycations will definitely take the number one spot, you will be lucky enough to find a bargain so book it and enjoy. Your lucky number is 8.

Virgo – this week you are inclined to be thinking about a house move. Try not to be impatient and impulsive, take a deep breath, think twice and then you will find your answer. Your lucky number is 32.

Libra – This week you will be helping a very dear friend to unravel her love life. Your maternal side helps her adjust her life and feel more comfortable with her decisions. You’re are a people pleaser so make sure you get plenty of rest. Your lucky number is 40.

Scorpio – This week you find yourself with the gardening bug: you do have green fingers so don’t be afraid to experiment and plant wherever you get the inspiration from. Garden centres become your go to place for peace and calm. Your lucky number is 12.

Sagittarius – This week you find yourself wanting to rekindle and cosy up with the love of your life, making a little nest to be happy in together. Memories are so refreshing and help us to remember the good times and how we felt about each other. Your lucky number is 9.

Capricorn – You are going to feel as if you need a breath of fresh air in your life which is achievable by simply taking a walk in the park or a walk to the shops. You reassert your health and well-being and begin to make changes that inspire you to move forward in a more healthy way. Your lucky number is 56.

Aquarius – What an exciting week for you. It’s all about invitations, occasions and finding that special outfit that makes you feel a million dollars. The colour blue has always suited you so why not splash out on the blue outfit you’ve had your eye on. Your lucky number this week is 7.

Pisces – You are certainly listening to your gut feeling and using your sixth sense. This helps with decisions that originally you felt had no answer. Always listen to your psychic ability you are naturally sensitive. Your lucky number this week is 17.


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