Horoscopes with Sally Morgan: 14th – 20th June

It’s Monday morning again and that means it’s time for Sally to bring you your weekly horoscopes. Read on to find out what Sally says lies in store for you this week:


This week is all about remaining optimistic and positive as even in tough times a smile can heal any challenge. Two people help you to recognise a new way of dealing with a difficult situation that changes the whole week. Lucky number 48.


Emotions run high with your love life and you will need to clear the air later on this week but as long as you remain honest with your feelings you will be able to live with the outcome. Love is meant to be unconditional so remember forgiveness is your key word lucky number 33.


This week brings great celebrations which will mean you bake the cake of your dreams giving everyone fun and laughter later on this week. You will be thanked and shown love and affection that shows you just how much you are appreciated so remember to take some great pics. Lucky number 25.


This week sees you looking at your fitness and how you can maintain your fitness goals. Joining a gym is always good for the social side and also encourages and inspires you to carry on and not be defeated. Loved ones will be very happy to see you glowing with health. Lucky number 11.


This week is all about freedom, this is your chance to express yourself in a new unique and creative way. Time to dust off those tap shoes or perhaps pull out the paintbrush and express yourself through your artistic side – your lucky number is 14


This week you will be someone else’s rock, keep an eye on close friends and family as they will need you to step in for support and remember to always listen with a open mind and a open heart. Lucky number 20


This week is all about balance remember whist it is always important to work hard in business it is also important to work hard at maintaining personal relationships, try to allocate time to those you care about, so they do not feel overlooked – your lucky number is 2.


Its time for a break, you have been working non stop and it’s time to treat yourself to some well deserved TLC. Although you may feel guilty about taking time for yourself, it is vital in order for you to continue to flourish. So pop the kettle on and put your feet up, You deserve it! Lucky number 29.


Patience is key this week. It is always important to think before we speak so always take a moment before reacting to ensure that what you are trying to say comes out as intended. When dealing with tough characters it is important to remain calm and not take the bait. Lucky number 34.


People come into your life this week that inspire you and show you the possibilities that dreams can come true, you will take on board all of their suggestions with confidence and respect. Life will feel as if it moving in the right direction for you and this helps with some difficult decisions that will be made easy by others – Lucky number 9.


A celebration to mark the wedding anniversary of a family member helps to distract you from mundane situations. You’re very good at choosing gifts and cards, and people love your choices and appreciate your generosity. You will put a lot of thought into buying a gift and this makes the recipients very happy and thankful you are in their life. Lucky number 51.


This week you are very much the home bird in all areas, not only will you be looking at rearranging your garden and adding new plants but also consider new curtains in the bedroom with pastel shades that will go very nicely in your sitting room. You will even consider a water feature for your terrace. Lucky number 8 .


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