Horoscopes with Sally Morgan: 21st – 27th June

The infamous Sally is back with an insight into what your week holds in store for you, read on to find out more!


You will consider new working hours this week, working from home has been exciting and you have found it more flexible and able to fit it in with family commitments. This will continue and you will feel relaxed and excited about new working opportunities. Lucky number 12


Helping a friend has never been difficult for you and this week proves no different.

You pull out all the stops to make a friends day, she is extremely grateful and lets everyone know what a true friend you are. Lucky number 16


You may feel as if you are running around trying to do too many jobs at the same time. You are such a ray of sunshine and so very popular everyone wants you in their life. This week take some time out for you even if its just a bubble bath you deserve it! Lucky number 6


You have never found it difficult to love your home but this week it would be nice to try and get out and about more. Clear your mind and give yourself new goals – the opportunity of a bike ride with a friend seems like a good idea, go for it. Lucky number 47


Do not be harsh with a loved one as they are only trying to help you out with a challenge that you’re having difficulty in completing. Remember how much they love you. Show kindness and all will be forgiven. Lucky number 27


You have always been a little bit of a hoarder as memories mean so much to you this week you decide to organise you winter wardrobe leaving room for all your summer purchases. You make use of empty shoes boxes for storage and are very pleased with your ideas. Lucky number 10


The kitchen takes over your life this week. An old recipe book which is a firm favourite comes out and you explore the recipes and start cooking with your heart. You explore vegetarian recipes and are pleasantly surprised and how delicious they are. Lucky number 3


You decide on a new hairstyle and are lucky enough to get an appointment at the hairdressers in a day or 2. Summer is finally here and you want to feel cool and stylish and you achieve this instantly which makes you very happy for the weekend. Lucky number 35


This week is full of invitations and meeting with friends that you have not seen for many months. Laughter and fun becomes the name of the game. A river front is a brilliant location to meet up and have a drink in the beer garden. Lucky number 26


You love to dance and sing. so this week sees you getting ready for a party on Saturday – new shoes and having your nails done becomes priority make sure you have your phone charged as you will be taking lots of pics of everyone enjoying themselves. Lucky number 11


You are able to help a friend who has difficult family commitments. This makes your friend very happy and she is able to start a new career path because you helped her out at the beginning. Your kindness and compassion are always at the forefront of your decisions making others realise just how special you are lucky number 38


A trip to the coast means you can dip your toes in the sea and walk on the sand washing your cares away. Staycassions are very real and doable for you right now. Ice creams at the seaside buckets and spades are all on the horizon for you this week. Lucky number 4


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