Horoscopes with Sally Morgan: 7th – 13th June

Monday morning has rolled back around and it’s time for us to look to the week ahead. Read on to find out what Sally says lies in store for you in the coming days:


Communication this week is pivotal in you being able to move forward with new beginnings that expose your adventurous side, so remember to let others know how you feel and make sure you remain honest and forthright with your opinions. Lucky number 6.


Your love life blossoms throughout this week and you will find that your soul mate is in tune with everything you believe in which makes harmony and strength continue to flow between you. Kindness will assure you of a long and happy relationship. Lucky number 22.


Your career goal goes from strength to strength this week and you are given opportunities that make networking exciting with lots of potential. You hear news that boosts your morale and recognises your hidden talents. Lucky number 15


This week sees you receiving all the positivity you put out to others and you will get it back 10-fold. Now is the time to address what you truly want to let your hair down and dance like no one is watching. You will experience new chances to shine. Lucky number 18


This week expect the unexpected. Surprises await you around every corner so do not be tempted to say no because it’s not your usual path. You will find friendships and close family members happy to see you experiencing new goals and loving arms await you at the end of each day. Lucky number 28.


Your assertive nature allows you to go forward with confidence and strength to start a new project this week. You will be full of excitement after discussing travel. You can start planning what you truly wish for. Each day this week will bring a new experience that shows you how positive you can be. Lucky number 3.


Romance feels easy like Sunday morning, it will be effortless and you know you are with the right person. Your organisational skills will help the relationship blossom. A piece of jewellery becomes a keepsake and evokes happy memories lucky number 5


Do not let a problem created by someone nearest and dearest interrupt a happy week. Your kindness and generosity shines through and others close to you will be happy to have you in their life. Something you have been planning comes to fruition ending the week on a high. Lucky number 9.


This week you focus on friendships. This is because you feel let down by a confidant who has shared something you said with others and you will reassess certain friends and make some big decisions where these friends are concerned. What transpires will make you happy that you decided to move on and start a new life and keep your own counsel. Lucky number 16.


New beginnings happen to be the key word for everyday this week. You will keep smiling even through the toughest of days and this is because you know it’s the right thing to do. Move forward and take up new challenges. You will feel energetic ready to face the unexpected this gives you a head start each day. Lucky number 3.


You are feeling like you need to embrace your spirituality this week. Meditation is a process you will try and experience everyday as this gives you your mojo back and you start to look deeper into what you want first of all. Balance will be your key word this week. Lucky number 62.


A business opportunity comes your way through exciting meetings. People are delighted to hear your ideas and are willing to put them into practice. A handsome stranger will bring you an opportunity you cannot refuse. It’s never work, work, work only work hard play hard. Lucky number 18.


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