Iconic TikTok Trends of 2021

You’ve heard about it from your kids, you’ve seen it on billboards, and you’ve even caught yourself scrolling for hours leaving your tea to get cold. TikTok has taken the world by storm, giving everyday people (and influencers) the platform to make creative, funny and heart-warming content.
And this video sharing app isn’t just for Gen Zs, there are creators of all ages having a good laugh. So, if you’re looking to get started or in need of new ideas, we at Mecca have put together a list of some of the top trends and viral challenges for you to try.

“I’ll never forget you”

Original sound: Never Forget You – Noisettes

Tags: #illneverforgetyou

As TikTok has only recently come out, this flashback trend is a great way to share some memorable moments from your past…in a bit of a shocking or teasing way. It could be a cheeky way to show your partner before you had kids together, starting the video with “to the person I met in Ibiza” then revealing your child. Or it could be a fun way to downplay an encounter with a celebrity with “to the person who picked up my phone at a show” and then reveal a famous singer. Whatever the throwback, it’s definitely a person you’ll never forget.

Turning your DMs into inspirational quotes

Original sound: A thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton

Tags: #inspirationalquotes

“Just hang in there” and “never give up” are no longer worth a pretty font and serene background. People of today want more and are sharing their weird, mundane and perhaps even nasty DMs in the form of inspirational quotes on TikTok. Because who wouldn’t want to be inspired by texts from your delivery guy saying “Here.” or your husband’s favourite line “what’s for dinner?”.

What I mean when I say I’m from…

Original sound: What I mean when I say I’m from

Tags: #whereilivechallenge

This trend is the perfect way to showcase your country or town in a sequence of photos on TikTok (great for tourism!) and let your followers know where you’re from or where you’re living. You can include beautiful snapshots of the natural scenery, local food, experiences and so on.

Google Earth

Original sound: Talking to the moon – Bruno Mars

Tags: #googleearthtrend #googleearthchallenge #googleearth

Like the one above, this is another visually appealing TikTok trend you can use to show a specific location. In the video, you’ll keep zooming in to the Google Earth pin before revealing a series of stunning photos or videos of the interesting place or must-see spot. Much better than a holiday album on Facebook!

Wisdom Kaye’s OOTD

Original sound: Touch It (remix) – Wisdom Kaye

Tags: #ootd #ootdchallenge #touchitchallenge #touchitremix

Fancy yourself a fashionista? Take on this viral challenge created by TikTok creator Wisdom Kaye to flaunt your statement looks or outfits for the week. Creating this video will take some coordination on your part, as you need to change into the next outfit while recreating the movement from the previous look. Grab a friend, your partner or some props to add some extra fun and style to your video. 

Are you ready to give TikTok a try? For tutorials on how to create your videos, check out YouTube for some handy tips and tricks. And while you wait for the views to roll in, why not sit back and enjoy one of our online slots and games at MeccaBingo.com.


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