I’m a Celeb Most Iconic Moments

There’s a rumble in the jungle and that can only mean one thing… I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is coming back! We recently put a poll on our socials to find out what YOU are most looking forward to watching on telly this winter – and I’m a Celeb was the clear winner. So, we’re going to be bringing you all the juicy jungle content so you can really get your fill. To kick things off and get us in the mood, let’s have a recap of the best bits from previous series.

It’s about time

Life in the Australian jungle can be hard, so you’d expect the celebrity contestants to learn a few important lessons during their time there, like how to build a fire, or how to cook with basic ingredients. However, during his time on the show in 2013 Joey Essex learnt something even more important… how to tell the time. His campmate Amy Willterton patiently taught him how to read an analogue clock using twigs on the ground.

Keeping it cool

We all know musicians have a reputation to uphold, especially if you’re a member of the rock band Happy Mondays. But Shaun Ryder took ‘keeping it cool’ to new heights during one of his trials when he was bit by a snake. Instead of panicking and screaming, Shaun calmly kept his hand in the box and swore at the snake. Rather him than us!

A premature splash

In 2015 Steve Devis got a little overexcited for his trial and ended up falling into the water before it had even started. This had Ant and Dec in hysterics which of course made the whole thing even funnier!

Feeling faint

During the tenth series of the show in 2010, nutritionist Gillian McKeith had a pretty hard time of it. It became clear that she didn’t enjoy the trials and wasn’t very good at them, which of course only made the public want to see her doing them even more! Gillian got voted to take part in the trials again and again much to her and the rest of the camp’s frustration. When Ant and Dec announced she had yet again been voted to do a trial, and this time during the live show, she got up to join the hosts and fainted on live tv!

A 72-hour stint

When Gemma Collins entered the jungle in 2014, we all knew it was going to make great tv. However, she outdid everyone’s expectations when in true Gemma Collins style she exited the jungle after only 72 hours. Well, she was only living up to the name of the show!

Smells like cockroach

Last but definitely not least, during the eleventh series in 2011, Fatima Whitbread had a cockroach crawl so far into her nose that she needed help getting it out. They really put those celebs through their paces…

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be hitting your screens at 9pm on Sunday 6th November. Let us know your predictions for what this series’ celebs have in store in the comments below.

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