I’m a Celebrity – Latest news from the Jungle

We‘re back again with your regular jungle update. What a weekend it was! If you missed anything, just read on for another hit of the juiciest, junglist show around!

Trial Update

Since the arrival of Matt Hancock, he’s managed to fight his way through pretty much every Bushtucker Trial. From crawling through slime and critters to grim gameshows and houses of horror, Hancock is sliding his way through all the grotesque trials that the public see fit, and he’s doing it all with his trademark good natured smile.
Sunday night’s trial saw him land another success, winning 9 stars and fighting off snakes that fancied taking a bite out of the politician.

Oh captain, my captain

Sunday night also saw Hancock and his deputy Charlene White go head to head against rugby star Mike Tindall and his “camp wife” Sue Cleaver for the role of camp captain. Although they gave it their best shot, you can’t keep Hancock down, as he and Charlene became the new rulers of the camp.
This means that for the foreseeable they will be immune from camp chores, can sleep inside and delegate camp labour. Boy George, who doesn’t like being told what to do at the best of times, is set to be the first to have a bit of a blowout with the camp’s glorious leaders.

Next up…

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, Matt Hancock is up again for the next trial, where he is set to face live snakes again as he is buried alive in an effort to score more meals for his camp mates. Will he get out alive?
Did we miss your favourite moment? Let us know what you’re looking forward to below. Make sure you keep it Mecca to catch all the gory details…


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