I’m a Celebrity – Latest news from the Jungle

Welcome back to your update from the undergrowth. It’s been an eventful first few days with jungle drama ratcheting up in camp, along with some truly terrifying challenges the stars of yesterday had to overcome. Check out below for more goss in the moss…

Trial Check: Babatunde’s Redemption

After having fallen at the first hurdle by bowing out in the first few seconds of the show’s inaugural challenge ‘The Drop’, comedian Babatunde cost his camp mates a star and set himself up to be the first one nominated for a bushtucker trial, which just so happened to be vertically themed again.
However, the comedian that normally can’t keep his mouth shut managed to ascend ‘Horrifying Heights’ in relative quiet, no doubt holding back the fear that bested him last time. He returned to camp with a full house – 9 stars! Here’s to you, Babatunde.

New Challengers Approach

The camp grew by two with the entrance of kiss-and-tell comedian Seann Walsh and The Right Honourable Matt Hancock, MP, best known for his other reality TV appearances such as Prime Ministers Question Time and Newsnight.
They were nominated the camp moles, meaning they had to complete a series of challenges in order to earn rewards, which included stealing a camp mate’s gilet and hat and calling Chris Moyles “Greg” three times.
The dynamic duo shared a tender moment of mutual Ed Sheeran-liking when they first met, before being thrown into a trial which included fumbling around in the dark trying to grab stars – something the pair are better at out of the jungle it would seem, as they only managed to only get 6 out of 11.

Best known for playing Eileen Grimshaw on Coronation Street, this soap legend looks set to push herself to the limit!

Jungle Heat

The addition of Matt Hancock to the camp was met with scepticism or outright disdain by the other contestants, with remarks such as “why are you here” and “no, seriously, why are you here” being met with Hancock’s trademark non-answers. However, it seems that many in the camp are keen to give him a chance to prove that politicians are human, after all.

Hancock Rises

Having set himself up to be picked on by the public, it was no surprise that Hancock was picked to do the next trial. Judging by his performance in the first one, however, he seems more than capable of keeping a cool head whilst being bombarded with creepy crawlies, as any career in politics would immunise you against. Will Hancock slip into the public’s hearts? Find out tonight!


Did we miss your fave moment from the start of the show? Let us know below! With a blistering introduction to the whole gang and much more to come over the next three weeks, there’s more to play for and so much to see in this year’s edition of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Make sure you keep it Mecca to catch all the gory details…


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