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  1. i wud spend my money on taking my son somewere nice and treating him as i dont live with him and only see him every half term which is horrible as i miss him so much he lives across the country from me ..

  2. Depending on how big like if millions i would design and build my dream house… ive always said it. Then i would buy some houses and do them into bedsit hmo s and house the homeless and help people by renting them cheap to people on benefits etc that are struggling to get home, and i would only charge cheap affordable rent no top up that they cant afford and use the money to keep it going like charity and get more houses etc so can help as many as i can.

    1. I would pay off all our debts and make sure my elderly mother was financially comfortable, would set aside regular payments to local life changing charities, and randomly pay for strangers shopping a few times and walk off and fill keep my wine rack always full

  3. I would treat my mum, she is a lovely women always there for us and always has your back.. i would also donate money to various charltys as they are havin a hard time due to covid

    1. I would help my family the best way I could if I won a lot of money

  4. I would spend the money on treating my daughter to a nice car as she’s taking driving lessons at the moment

  5. I would buy all my grandkids everything they want a new house,, new flat and new things for my daughter as she is pregnant, and a holiday to go visit my penpals when the virus is gone and to pay for my operation to have my gallstones out. as I need to lose a bit of weight got under active thirods as that stops me from losing weight and would by a mobility scooter. .

  6. I would buy a house that’s got a garden for my son to play in as he loves going outside

  7. I would buy a house for each of my kids so i know they will be financially settled when i am gone

  8. I would spend it on massive holiday for friend and also a big night of bingo

  9. I would buy my Christmas presents for my granddaughters as it is quite hard at the moment

  10. I would probably divide it evenly between my 3 kids to give them a good start in life

  11. I would love to win so I could buy myself my first car make sure my kids are sorted for the future and have a nice holiday.

  12. i would do some home improvements, have a family holiday and give some to both my children to help them onto the property ladder.

  13. I would spend it on my family and my friends as they all deserve a bit of happiness and help anyone that needs help would be lovely

  14. depending on how much i won id pay my mortgage off treat family. id love a wet room as cant manage the bath now only shower and its our ruby wedding soon so some sort of celebration vacation would be fab x

  15. I would help my family with there debts and if I had enough money would buy a bungalow, I live in a tiny bungalow which I rent but it is so little I can’t entertain my dream would be to cook Xmas dinner for all of us

  16. I would get a nee house and I would love to take my son to disneyland. Still can dream x

  17. I would 100%Give a sum to a charity, and then before thinking of my self treat my mum who has gone through enough these last several months. Then maybe treat myself and family to a get together.

  18. I would certainly buy a new car as mine has just packed up and going to cost to much to repair winter on its way aswell Bbrrr

  19. Well if I won big I would really love to buy myself & my family a house each , just to be able to live without worrying about money would be fab 🥰 Xx

  20. I would buy a studio flat in the Algarve. I have really bad arthritis which is much worse in cold and wet weather. I would if there is enough money left take my wonderful sister to a fabulous luxury spa. She has been working hard during the pandemic and is always there for me.

  21. I would share with my family and friends donate to people with children struggling for Christmas also charities and I would buy a bungalow as I’ve been living in a temporary accommodation over 2 years now and have health issues also have a few extra rooms for when any or all of my 9 grandchildren and family want to stay over 🙂 AND have a good play on Mecca <3

  22. I would pay all my debts off and have a holiday as I have not had one in 4 years and take my mum and dad out for a nice meal to say thank you for all they do for me

  23. I would like to share my good luck around my wonderful family. For myself I would like to go on a Caribbean cruise – when this mayhem is over.

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