Find the Bingo Ball in the Easter Eggs

Easter 2019 falls between Good Friday on 19th April and Easter Monday on 22nd April. To kick off your bank holiday and get you in the mood for all those tasty eggs, hot cross buns and bonnet decorating (if that’s your thing!), we’ve got a cracking game for you. There’s a bingo ball hidden in the picture of the Easter eggs below. Head over to our Facebook page and give us the coordinates of where you think you can see it. If you’re right, the Mecca Bunny could drop a bingo bonus into your account!

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How to play online slots

Mecca Bingo How to play Slots

Online slots are popular because they’re fun, simple, and easy to play. Here, you can find out how to possibly win some [ money by playing slot machines, how to pick the best game for you, as well as handy tips to help you get started. Before long, you’ll know exactly how to enjoy online slots and are sure to feel like you’ve been playing online for years!

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Bingo scenes from film and TV

From animated blockbusters to cult comedy shows, Bingo is a big deal in the world of film and TV. Do any movies with bingo scenes immediately spring to mind? If not, we’ve pulled together some great bingo clips you might have forgotten about that show how popular our beloved game is.

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20 Amazing Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know

It’s that time of the year again: the big spring clean. Cupboards are cleaned out, old items discarded, and everything is given a good old scrub. But with so much to do, where do you start?

We’ve made it easy for you with our 20 amazing spring cleaning hacks. The best bit? No expensive cleaners in sight! Get started with your spring clean using just a few household items.
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Best last minute Mother’s Day gifts

Mecca Mothers day

Forgotten Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, we aren’t here to judge. The key now is to find a belated prezzie that will get you back in her good books.

So, keep calm and take a look at some of the best gifts on offer. Your Mum will love them!

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Easy things you can do today to make someone feel good

On 20th March, the world will be celebrating The International Day of Happiness: an event which has been running since 2013. This global campaign seeks to improve wellbeing and happiness by ending poverty, reducing inequality and protecting the planet.

Okay, so you may not be able to single-handedly save the planet come 20th March, but you could improve somebody else’s happiness by doing just a few simple things. Here’s a handful of ways you can give somebody something to smile about.

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St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Card

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we’ve created a shamrock-ing bingo card for you to complete. Cross off the icons as you enjoy the festivities and see if you and your friends can get a full house.

Download your bingo card here.

bingo-card-st patricks-day

7 Things Only Bingo Players Will Understand

Excitement, joy, anticipation… you’d never think those harmless little bingo games could spark off so many emotions. But there’s so much more to a game than meets the Kelly’s Eye, as players will know from bingo halls across the nation. If you love a good bit of bingo then you probably know just what we’re talking about with some of these…

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Can I Trust Online Bingo Sites? What You Need to Know

texting on a phone

Unfortunately, inadequate bingo sites are rife across the internet. The worst offenders often have poor security and insecure payment methods, which can result in bingo players having their personal information compromised.

Do you know what to look out for before joining a bingo site? To help you find the best of the best, we have compiled some of the most important things you should look out for before choosing a bingo site.
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