How Well Do You Know Online Bingo Lingo?

Online bingo conversations can sometimes look like a whole other language. But while keyboard abbreviations and bingo slang can be confusing at first, it can be infectious once you know how!

How well do you know your online bingo lingo? Test your knowledge using our quiz, below!


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Bingo around the World

It’s easy to imagine that bingo has been around for more than a few decades. In fact, different variations of the much-loved game have been played for nearly five hundred years!

Invented in Italy during the 16th century, bingo has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon that’s played in many different formats.

Here’s a run-down of how the game has evolved across the world.
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bingo balls

Meet a Mecca bingo caller


Bingo caller

John O’Connell is a bingo caller at Mecca Forge in Glasgow. He recently spoke to the Metro newspaper about working as the club’s Bob – or bingo caller! We’ve popped the interview below so if you didn’t grab a copy on your morning commute, you can have a read at your leisure.


We’ve also got our own BOB over at Our Best Odds Bingo name was inspired by the fabulous callers that announce the numbers for every game.


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Bonfire Night Bingo Card

It’s nearly bonfire night, and what better way to enjoy your firework filled evening than with a game of Bonfire Bingo. Gather your family and friends together for some Guy Fawkes fun, and see how many you can tick off.

Download your bingo card here.


Bonfire Bingo Card


All about Best Odds Bingo – Meet BOB

bob bingo

If you’ve played online bingo at Mecca recently, chances are you’ve met BOB. BOB – or Best Odds Bingo – is the newest addition to the family and has already made thousands of winners.

In fact, since BOB arrived at Mecca Bingo £1 million has been paid out to at least 100,000 delighted BOB players. BOB is truly the answer to the most common bingo complaints because with BOB you win more often and there’s no overcrowded rooms. 

So now you’ve got acquainted, here is everything you need to know to become best buddies. You could be part of our next group of 100,000 winners – just BOB on! 

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10 Interesting facts about cats

to celebrate National cat day – 29th October

Cats are one of the most popular pets all over the world. So much so that in America, they have their own special day! We think they deserve this kind of love on this side of the pond so to honour our feline friends, we’ve put together the most interesting cat facts.

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How superstitious is the UK?

Donning our lucky pants and avoiding walking under ladders, it appears our nation are believers in the superstitious. In fact, our most recent survey suggests that a third of Brits rely on lucky charms, and many complete certain behaviours to ward off bad luck, “just in case”.

There’s no use hiding it, we’re a superstitious nation. So, grab your black cat and take a look at the weird and wonderful world of the UK’s most-used superstitions.

Download the PDF here.

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Pet costume inspiration for Halloween


We’re so excited for Halloween. We’ve got a legitimate reason to fill the cupboards with chocolate and stock up on twinkling tealights.
Our outfits have been planned for weeks, and we’re not leaving our pets out! Using any excuse to dote on our pets, this spooky holiday is no exception! If you’re looking for some inspiration and want to turn your precious pooch into a pumpkin or dress up your cat, scroll on!

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The Great British Bake Off Bingo


Tuesdays evenings mean one thing: The Great British Bake Off! But, just when you thought this much-loved institution couldn’t get any better, we decide to create a play-along bingo card. Just tick off the clichés as you go and see if you can make a full (gingerbread) house. Eyes down!

Download the Bake Off Bingo Card as a PDF here.

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