Can you guess these emoji soap storylines?

Chances are you use emojis. We all do! These awesome little smiley faces, winky eyes and clapping hands have become such a staple of our everyday language that it’s become virtually impossible to not use them.

But despite this continual rise in popularity, many Brits are in fact using many emojis without any knowledge of what they actually mean.

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Which Love Island Boy is Your Perfect Match?



If, like the rest of the UK, you can’t get enough of Love Island, you’ll be dying to take our latest quiz.

We all have those contestants we hate to love and love to hate, but have you ever considered who your perfect match would be? Of course, you have! Try out our Love Island compatibility quiz to see who you get!

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Not a Fan of Russia ’18 Footy Chat?

The 2018 World Cup is hotting up and, for many, it’s an opportunity to enjoy scintillating football around the clock. But while this might be great for those who love the beautiful game, it can be a tad dull for those who would rather be watching muggy Megan.

To readdress the balance and give you something to get excited about when football comes around, we’ve created a Russia ’18 cliché bingo card to complete. So, rather than snoozing when yet another game goes into extra time, you can instead tick off 16 clichés which have defined the tournament to date. Pens at the ready!

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Can You Get 14/14 On This GCSE Quiz?

Think you could easily get an A* if you did your GCSEs today?

You do? Well, you’re in luck – it’s time to put your brain to the test with our fun GCSE quiz.

So, will you be top of the class, or bottom of the heap? There’s only one way to find out…

Which Type of Bingo Player Are You?

Quiz: Which Dance Class is For You?


Places to Visit in Chester This Bank Holiday

If you are yet to plan your Bank Holiday getaway, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

While there is a whole slew of awesome areas to explore across England’s green and pleasant land, one of our favourites has to be Chester. With its unique architecture, swathes of flowing rivers and postcard-perfect villages, it’s the perfect location for a four-day weekend. Best of all, our Chester bingo hall is based in the heart of the city, so you can pop in and out whenever takes your fancy!

So, with so much to do in Chester, where do you start? Just take a look at our list, below, for some bank holiday inspiration.

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Mecca Makes Chat Happen!

Have you ever struggled for conversation on a first date? Do you cringe at stony silences in taxis? If this has happened to you (and we’re betting it probably has), you’re not the only one.

Today, we’d rather send a text than make a phone call. Instead of laughs, there are LOLs. Rather than waving, we right-swipe. But fear not… here at Mecca Bingo, we’re swooping in with our superhero capes, ready to save you from silence with our Chat Randomiser tool!

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Make the Most of Newcastle with Mecca

Wey-Aye man! Get ready to pull out your best Geordie twang for your next bingo trip to Newcastle.

Based in Central Gateshead, our Mecca Bingo Gateshead bingo club is one of our liveliest venues, and takes in some of the North East’s best entertainment.

Here you will find rib-tickling comedy, fabulous flea markets and world-class stage performances. Browse our favourite things to do in Newcastle, below, to see what else is on offer.

Gan on, giz a deek!

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