What Life Lessons can you Learn from Playing Bingo?

So you thought school was behind you. You’d put on the civvies and got on with life. Then realised life’s all about making mistakes and (sometimes) learning from them. It’s about having fun. Trying new things and taking chances. Well, bingo! There are some pretty deep lessons you can learn in life from a game of bingo, or three.

Take a chance

Nothing ventured, nothing gained? That’s exactly right. Maybe you’re a new player learning the ropes. Or you’ve played at a bingo hall but never thought to play bingo online. One of the first life lessons bingo teaches us is to live a little and to take a chance now and then.

When you do go ahead and take a chance, playing this ever-popular game online helps to keep it fresh and exciting with plenty of regular promotions that put you in the running to earn bonuses, win massive cash prizes and even holidays and cars. So step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on huge jackpots and fun-packed games. Online bingo may be a game of chance but one thing’s for sure – you’ll never be bored while you’re playing!

Make a bingo friend or two, or three

Play bingo and you’re sure to make a wonderful group of friends. It’s one of the main reasons the game got so popular in the first place in the 1960s. It was the social aspect of it that drew in the crowds. Meeting up with friends, sharing a few laughs, your tips, and love of the game. The only difference when you play online bingo is that you are connected to plenty more friends by the World Wide Web. This means you’re part of a bingo community, surrounded by more friends from all over the world. There are even stories about long-lost family members being united over a game of online bingo. That’s the thing about bingo players – nothing they like more than a good chinwag at the end of the day. So head over to one of our chat rooms, our Chat Hosts are sure to give you a warm welcome. When you play you’ll see it’s all about making social connections. Be prepared to get plenty of friendly game tips and even a favourite recipe here and there.

Friends laughing with each other around a table

Lessons from a team player

The fabulous social side of bingo brings us to the next life lesson you can learn when you play it – and that’s teamwork. When you play online, you needn’t play alone. In fact, we believe there’s strength in numbers so some of our games are linked across rooms. This also means there are bigger prizes to be won. Check the Bingo lobby for the Linked Games symbol to get your chance at a bigger win and hone your team player skills in the process.

The luck is in the draw

Did you know that the most popular good luck charm is the four-leaf clover – ever since Eve smuggled one out of the Garden of Eden, according to legend. It doesn’t matter if yours is a horseshoe charm, the colour green, or a favourite lucky penny, bingo is all about the luck of the draw. Every regulated online bingo site has random number generators, and that’s about as fair as it gets. Then again… the more you play, the more opportunities you give yourself to get lucky.

Lots of green 4 leaf clovers

Never give up

Because bingo is a game of probability it’s impossible to keep winning all the time. But as with most things in life, sticking around and keeping right on trying is what will get you a prize in the end. So, go ahead and put yourself in the running for jackpot games and regular promotions. If you are on a bit of a losing streak, you’ll find the bingo community is always ready to lend support or help with any questions you might have.

Winning isn’t everything

Losing graciously teaches us patience and humility – two traits that are crucial for succeeding in life. It’s all about the fun of playing as much as it is about winning. At Mecca Bingo we work hard to keep it fresh and give you endless opportunities and ways to enjoy the game. From testing your skills in our exclusive X Factor bingo room and spinning The Winning Wheel, to Bingo Scratch that combines all the fun of the Bingo floor with super scratch card gameplay. You’re having fun every step of the way so even when you haven’t won on a given day, you’ll still feel like a winner! This brings us to the next life lesson you can learn from playing bingo…

Attitude counts for everything

If you’re one of those people who finds the funny in most situations and you don’t find it difficult to see something extraordinary even in the ordinary, then you can skip this life lesson because you’ve already a wise old owl!

When you play bingo, you’ll find your fortunes may be up one day and down the next, but the best players keep a good attitude at all times. So, do you see your scratch card as half empty or half full? When you refuse to be a sore loser even on those off days and instead enjoy the novelty of a game and the social connections you’ve made (in other words, when you play with a good attitude) – there’s no such thing as an off day in a bingo room.

It’s never too late to make a comeback

Here’s an interesting fact. According to the Mirror Online, bingo is more popular in the UK these days than tennis! Bet you didn’t know that. But this wasn’t always the case. In the mid-1960s, Mecca Bingo alone had more than 150,000 players visiting its halls every day. Then in the 1990s, the popularity of the game took a serious dive and it looked as if the game just might die out. Then came the internet and smartphones and the game took off again with online bingo sites developing fantastic games specially tailored for enthusiasts. These digital versions have all the aspects of traditional games as well as a great selection of unique games, chat rooms, and quick and easy prizes.

If bingo has been able to make such a spectacular comeback, so can you, and that’s a great lesson for life. When you’re knocked sideways by a streak of bad luck, hang in there because better times are just around the corner, and you really don’t want to miss the adventure!

Change is a good thing

The game has done a lot more than successfully evolve from halls to online sites. It’s combined the best of the traditional game with the variety and excitement of a new age. This can be rock and roll bingo which involves players marking off music tracks on their scratch card as they hear them. Mecca bingo clubs include Elvis impersonator nights with karaoke, and even family games like rock, paper, scissors. While traditionalists can still listen in silence to the caller, players looking for something different can play on an electronic tablet that keeps track of their numbers on an online scratch card while also chatting or texting in a lounge area.

The life lesson here is that change can be scary but it can also be a good thing. So if it looks like a failure, it might just need a new look or a different way of doing things. After all, the huge dive in the popularity of bingo paved the way for its resurgence and brought in a whole new generation who are now passionate about the game.

Learn, live and hope

Lots of hands drawing about learning

Yesterday was for learning, today is for living and tomorrow is all about hope. If you’ve been at it for a while you’ll already know that when you play online bingo, you’re given a mixed bag. Today you lose or choose a new game from our fantastic lobby. Tomorrow you may earn a bonus, win a cash prize unexpectedly, or make a new friend in a chat room. Who knows what your future bingo endeavours will bring? The motto: learn, live and hope, sums up the bingo experience pretty well, and it’s true for life. Today isn’t great, tomorrow something good happens unexpectedly and that gives you hope that the good times will always roll around again.

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