What Happened in Week Four of Bake Off?

This week was Chocolate Week, which was filmed on one of the hottest days of the year – making it difficult for the bakers treats to set in time. Did anyone have a meltdown, or a sweet success?

Keep reading to find out!

Signature Bake – Chocolate Torte (without wheat flour)

We’re getting things started with chocolate torte – but, without wheat flour. Saku takes on a Sacher-torte, naming it a Saku-torte – ha! Matty made a mousse with a bunch of toppings, and Dan had some trouble with his torte, so he then started again from scratch. Dana was optimistic as always, and even admitted she doesn’t like chocolate torte!

Let’s get into the judge’s feedback. Nicky impressed judges – Prue said her bake was “elegant, classy and cool” – and the judges loved Matty’s flavours. Dana also did well this week, and judges told her that her chocolate torte would have been better had it been set overnight. Strange, as they only have a few hours in the challenge! Paul said Josh’s “tastes amazing, but it is almost a pudding” – it looked incredible though! The judges said Cristy’s torte had “no real flavour”, and they found the booze in Dan’s bake “overwhelming”. Tasha was told her flavour was drowned by amaretto, and the judges weren’t too keen on Saku’s writing on her torte! We ended things off with Roawn’s bake, which Paul described as “beautiful”.

Winners: Nicky, Dana, Rowan

Could do better: Dan and Cristy


Technical Challenge – Six Individual Cheesecakes

This was an interesting choice, as there were plenty of other chocolate bakes that could have been put forward in this challenge, and cheesecake tends to take some time! It was definitely a tricky challenge, but the bakers tried their best. Unfortunately, Tasha had to pull out whilst in the middle of baking as she was unwell.

The main critiques were overbaking, the white chocolate being too caramelised, and messy presentation. The judges also said the bakers were rushed for time… of course they were?!

Winners: Dan was in 1st place, followed by Matty in 2nd place, and Rowan in 3rd place.

Could do better: Saku came in last, followed by Cristy and Josh.

Showstopper – Edible Chocolate Box

Yum! The bakers did face some blunders in this task though. Saku and Matty had to remake their chocolate sponges, and Rowan and Nicky had to scale down their ideas due to timing. Dan helped Saku with her bake (bless him!), but despite everyone struggling, Dana still remained positive as always!

Then, judgement time.

The judges loved Matty flavours and described Dan’s as “impressive”. Nicky’s bake was also complimented by the judges. Rowan didn’t quite hit the mark this time, and Josh was critiqued on his piping skills. Neither Cristy nor Saku had the greatest feedback this time. Saku even said “I’m done with chocolate. No more chocolate. In my life. Ever!”.

Winners: Matty and Dan

Could do better: Cristy, Saku, Rowan


Star Baker

Matty is this week’s Star Baker! We can see him trying his best and improving each week, so it was nice to see his efforts being recognised! He really deserved the title this week.


It’s safe to say, most of the bakers had a fair share of wobbles this week, and things weren’t always totally smooth. However, it was great to see Dan smashing it, especially after not having the best week last week. Nicky also had a wonderful week!

Going home

We had to say goodbye to… NOBODY! As Tasha was unwell, all bakers were safe this week. This does mean that next week, there will be two bakers leaving. Eeek!

We hope you enjoyed our review for Week Four of The Great British Bake Off! Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the episode.

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