Love Island 2022 Final

It’s all over! Our Love Island 2022 King and Queen have been crowned. The Italian Stallion and the Turkish Delight can finally take a seat on their well-earned thrones. In case you missed it, let’s recap:

Winners: Ekin-Su and Davide

2nd Place: Gemma and Luca

3rd Place: Indiyah and Dami

4th Place: Tasha and Andrew

As always, the live final truly delivered. The islanders looked incredible and each gave heartfelt speeches bringing tears to their partner’s eyes.

But can we just take a moment to reflect on how another season is already over – and what a turbulent one it’s been! Given how much drama we have witnessed over the last eight weeks, it’s pretty amazing that it ended with five solid couples who had all agreed to either make it official or exclusive before we even got to the final.

Ekin-Su and Davide will share the £50,000 prize money, and this is the first year in the show’s history that they haven’t been given the chance to “steal” the money from each other. (In previous years the islanders have had the chance to select whether they will steal or share the money, if only one says steal, then that person gets to keep it all.)

Who left the villa this week?

Since our last recap we had one recoupling followed by a public vote, sending home Nathalia, Reece, Lacey and Deji. The bombshells’ time in the villa was short but they gave it their all. Deji will be remembered as a Love Island legend for his cool one-liners including, “I don’t want peace, I want problems!”

We also said goodbye to Danica and Jamie. Although Jamie didn’t have long in the villa, Danica will go down in Love Island history. Since entering the villa in week two this girl has not had an easy ride… She had to couple up with six different islanders before finding Mr Right in footballer Jamie!

Paige and Adam were also sent home during Sunday’s episode, meaning they just missed out on making the final.


During the final week of Love Island, we were treated to plenty of epic challenges.

We saw the red team battle it out against the blue team in the Love Island Sports Day.

Our islanders showed off their hidden talents in the talent show… let’s just say some of those talents should have remained hidden. But ‘Cooking with Davide’ is the spin off show we’ve all been waiting for!

The girls dressed up as sexy cabin crew for the Air Hostess Challenge. This lead Gemma and Luca to have a disagreement over her licking Adam’s chest, but who can blame her…

And of course, the challenge we’ve all been waiting for, the baby challenge. Our couples each got to look after a life-like doll for the day and try to take care of it. As always, the islanders came up with some interesting names for their offspring: Sage, Irene, Leo, Rog and Sienna.

Family Reunions

The family reunion episode is always a must-watch, and this year was no different. Each islander got to be reunited with some family and friends, which of course brought on the water works!

Tasha’s dad stole the show with his hilarious digs about the salon always being open. Indiyah’s mum and sister didn’t hold back with their grilling of Dami, with her mum even calling him Deji!

The Final Dates

As per tradition, the remaining couples each got sent on one epic final date to round off their Love Island experience. And as always, the date team upped the ante with some showstopping activities and sickeningly romantic locations.

It kicked off with Adam and Paige being sent on an ACTUAL yacht, hopefully they were sick with love and not just… seasick.

Next, we saw Indiyah and Dami get to dance at a Spanish fiesta before enjoying some sangria and tapas (while also becoming boyfriend and girlfriend!).

Ekin-Su and Davide were serenaded in an amphitheatre, need we say more!

Tasha and Andrew got to live like Kardashians with their red-rose themed beach date – and they even dressed the part in black leather!

Finally, Gemma and Luca had their date on a floating table in the courtyard of a stunning historical building, whilst listening to a musician play the harp – dreamy!

Best Bits

  • Luca’s dad walking into the villa wearing fish flops.
  • Gemma and Paige absolutely killing it with their rendition of ‘My Humps’ in the Love Island Talent Show (which thanked them for during the video message he recorded for the final).
  • Davide taking Irene on a tour of the villa during the baby challenge to point out the terrace where her mum had been bad.
  • The islanders getting a salsa lesson and some taking to it better than others…

What’s next

The islanders will now need to adjust to life on the outside, but who will stand the test of time? During the final Laura Whitmore announced that there will be not one, but TWO series of Love Island in 2023, we can hardly wait!

Are you happy with the final result? Drop us a comment below. You can also check out our other Love Island blogs here.


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