Love Island 2022 recap – Week 5

Casa Amor is back baby! And once again the temptress in villa form has truly outdone herself. The islanders have had a very TESTING week and we’ve been loving every minute. The week kicked off with Antigoni and Charlie being sent home by their fellow islanders. Sometimes on Love Island, bombshells just don’t land with enough impact. The islanders didn’t have much time to miss them before the girls were sent on a ‘girls’ night out’, which of course turned out to be Casa Amor (they fall for it every time!) And then the chaos began! But before you read on to the juicy spoilers, check out last weeks recap if you missed it

Casa Amor New Islanders

This was the week we’ve all been waiting for, and Love Island kept us on our toes by sending the girls to Casa Amor instead of the boys! The girls were joined by six new boys in a brand-new villa while the boys stayed behind at the main villa with six new girls. There were a lot of new faces to remember so here’s a quick recap for you:

Here are the girls:

Summer Botwe, 22, an events decor business co-owner from Hertfordshire.

Jazmine Nichol, 21, a nightclub manager from Newcastle.

Coco Lodge, 27, a graphic designer and ring girl from Surrey.

Chyna Mills, 23, a youth support worker from Leeds.

Mollie Salmon, 23, a make-up artist from Southampton.

Cheyanne Kerr, 23, cabin crew from Barnsley.

Here are the boys:

Josh Samuel Le Grove, 22, a model from Essex.

Jack Keating, 23, who is the son of Boyzone singer Ronan Keating, works in social media marketing and lives in London.

George Tasker, 23, labourer from the Cotswolds.

Samuel Agbiji, 22, a model from Manchester.

Billy Brown, 23, a roofing company director from Surrey.

Deji Adeniyi, 25, an accounts manager from Bedford.

What went down

Over in the main villa some of the boys decided to act out their idea of a test… so what is the correct definition?

  1. Test – noun – a procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use.

But according to our Love Island boys, test means to kiss other girls, and that they did! Dami kicked things off by kissing Summer. Davide copied Dami by kissing Coco, and then Andrew copied Davide by… also kissing Coco. Jacques held back to start with but soon joined in on the experiment by kissing Cheyanne.

Over in Casa Amor there was slightly less testing happening. However, Tasha did have a kiss with Billy and of course Danica with Josh. Something happened under the covers between Ekin-Su and George but not to worry, she asked him not to tell the boys… after he had already told the boys, oops!


It wouldn’t be Casa Amor week without the two villas going head to head in a bid to win a party. The islanders raced against the other villa to complete each challenge texted to them. The best part is, they know that whatever they are getting up to in their villa, the exact same thing must be happening in the other villa. It was a mad rush of figuring out birthdays, snogging in the pool and even toe sucking… But the Casa Amor villa came out victorious!


Thursday night saw the most action-packed recoupling of the series as the islanders each chose whether to stick with their partner in the other villa or twist to one of the Casa Amor newbies. Gemma and Luca, Jacques and Paige, and Ekin-su and Davide all decided to stick. The rest of the islanders chose to twist to a newbie, which made for a very awkward reunion around the fire pit.

The couples that chose to stick

  • Gemma and Luca
  • Paige and Jacques
  • Ekin-Su and Davide

The couples that chose to twist

  • Tasha and Billy
  • Danica and Josh
  • Indiyah and Deji
  • Coco and Andrew
  • Chyna and Jay
  • Summer and Dami

Best Bits

  • The boys sat on the beanbags with Luca adamantly telling them that the girls were coming back… they didn’t.
  • Dami realising again and again just how much trouble he was in… deep trouble!
  • Billy trying to impress Paige with dry toast.
  • Ekin-Su and Davide arguing like an old married couple after the recoupling (are they our new favourite couple?)
  • Gemma and Ekin-Su managing 20 squats before stopping to gossip.
  • Josh asking Danica to bring him a glass of water in the morning (does he know how Love Island works?)

What we think will happen next

There’s certainly more fallout to come after the brutal post Casa Amor recoupling and as Dami pointed out, summer is just getting started! As Jacques admitted himself, he’s going to have to get his grovelling boots on, but is he up to the task? Will Andrew and Coco work out or is his heart still with Tasha? One’s thing for sure; our heads won’t be turning as we’ll be glued to the screen for another week!

Who are your favourite couples to come out of Casa Amor? Drop us a comment below, join our Great Mecca Summer chat rooms to let us know what you think and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with another Love Island recap!


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