Love Island 2022 – Week 3

The third week of Love Island is almost over, and it delivered – you know what I mean? From Davide’s constant cracks (who knew he’d be the joker of the villa), to Ekin-Su launching into full rage mode with Jay.

We wanted the drama, and we got it.

Bombshells of the Week

The fourth female bombshell to strut her way into the villa and turn heads is Antigoni Buxton, a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from London. She has gorgeous curly blond hair and a love for the sun thanks to her Cypriot heritage. Antigoni is also another islander with a famous parent, her mother is celebrity chef and restaurateur, Tonia Buxton, who owns the restaurant chain ‘The Real Greek’.

After Antigoni surprised the boys with her arrival in the morning, the girls were treated to a new boy for the night – in walks Charlie Radnedge a 28-year-old real estate developer. This mature fella has his eyes on fiery Ekin-Su and already-taken Tasha. We can’t wait to see who he ends up with.

The Latest Couples

• Gemma and Davide
• Danica and Luca
• Tasha and Andrew
• Paige and Jacques
• Ekin-Su and Jay

The Singles

• Dami
• Indiyah
• Antigoni
• Charlie

The islanders who’ve left

In the first public dumping, the two islanders who received the least votes and had to say goodbye to the villa was Amber (who was coupled with Dami) and Ikenna (who was coupled with Indiyah).

Couples going steady

At the minute, the only couple not still getting to know other people are Gemma and Luca (despite being uncoupled for now, thanks Danica!). We’re also hoping that the sparks continue to grow between Dami and Indiyah – they could be THE couple this season, as they’re both fan favourites.

Couples on the rocks

Jay told Ekin-Su he wanted to chat to Paige, who’s with Jacques, and now Ekin-Su wants to crack on with new-boy Charlie. So, as you can see, it’s a bit of a mess. To add on, Tasha who’s been going quite full-on with Andrew has now shown an interest in Charlie too. Will she and Andrew survive this test for the 100th time? We’ll have to keep watching to find out…


Week 3 gave us our first mouth-to-mouth challenge with a cocktail twist. If you felt disgusted watching the islanders pass on ingredients to fill a giant cocktail glass in “Lip Service”, you weren’t the only one – turns out Jacques was close to throwing up. Luckily for his partner Paige, he managed to keep it down.

We were also treated to a very saucy and scandalous truth or dare game played at the fire pit. For some reason, the islanders had to perform a sex position or sexy lap dance to pop their truth or dare balloon (not a fan of the old ‘sit on it on the floor’ method then?). This game spilled the tea on how they really feel about each other (with some shade thrown at Ekin-Su a couple times), but it also led to Dami and Indiyah’s first kiss! The two who have been close friends since day 1, decided to explore what more their relationship could be – and we can’t wait to see how it goes!


The biggest shocker of the last recoupling was Danica splitting up “wifed off” Luca from Gemma. With the power in the hands of probably the boys tonight at the fire pit, as well as Antigoni and Charlie added to the mix, who do you think will be packing their bags and going home?

Best Bits

• Jacques being a cheeky stirrer when he told Danica and Luca they look good together when they went on their date (the one Luca wished he was going on with Gemma!)
• And on that note, when Danica did pick Luca at the last recoupling he was fuming! And has been sleeping in the doghouse bed for the week.
• Dami screaming like a schoolgirl when the boys spotted bombshell Antigoni in the garden.
• Gemma saying to the girls she won’t tell Luca about Charlie coming in…and proceeds to do it 5 seconds later on the terrace
• Davide putting it on Danica with a kiss she never expected – going from 0 to 100 there, mate. But it paid off!
• Flat Ted having to witness his mum Tasha going to the “salon” with Andrew.

What we think will happen next

As already mentioned, the biggest couples to face tests are Paige and Jacques as well as Tasha and Andrew and we feel like it wouldn’t be Love Island if not one or both couples have a tough time at the next recoupling.

Did you love the third week in the villa? Drop us a comment below to tell us what you think. And remember that we’ll be back next week with another Love Island recap!


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