Love Island 2022 recap – Week 4

It’s been another truly tumultuous week on Love Island, and we’ve loved every minute of it! We’ve seen the raunchy heartrate challenge, a recoupling predicament and Luca giving us all a lesson in pillow talk…
Since last week’s recap no new islanders have entered the villa, and last night we had a sneaky preview as to why! That’s right, Casa Amor is finally back baby! But before Casa Amor can cause chaos, one boy and one girl must leave the villa and it’s up to their fellow islanders to choose. It’s so tense we can’t watch… but we will!

The Latest Couples

  • Gemma and Luca
  • Paige and Jacques
  • Tasha and Andrew
  • Indiyah and Dami
  • Ekin-Su and Davide
  • Antigoni and Charlie
  • Danica and Jay

Couples going steady

With Charlie entering the villa it looked like Tasha’s head might be turned, but he didn’t pick her in the recoupling, and she has since decided to focus all of her attention back on Andrew. They are the only original couple left, and they appear to be stronger than ever. However, last night they ended up in the bottom three, so it seems the public don’t agree. We saw Gemma and Luca spend their first night together in the hideaway, but it seems the only thing to rise was the dough in Luca’s bread question.

After she was picked by Jay in the previous recoupling, Paige and Jacques have now been reunited. The couple appear to be very happy and spent their brunch date discussing meeting each other’s families. Everything seems to be smooth sailing for Indiyah and Dami, the only couple to be completely unphased by the heartrate challenge despite failing to raise each other’s.

Friendship Couples

News of Wednesday’s recoupling left Danica, Antigoni and Ekin-Su in quite the predicament. Danica and Antigoni both had their sights set on Jay, whilst Ekin-Su… well no one really knows what Ekin-Su is after.

In the recoupling Ekin-Su picked first out of the three and seemed to surprise even herself by picking Davide. Danica went for Jay despite him letting her know he didn’t see anything romantic developing between them, and Antigoni was left with Charlie.

It looks like Danica and Jay, and Antigoni and Charlie will stay as friendship couples for now. But things might be looking up for Ekin-Su and Davide, who got sent on a date to a vineyard to squish out any sourness between them, and even managed a cheeky kiss.


This week we were treated to the notorious heartrate challenge, during which the islanders are hooked up to heartrate monitors while the islanders of the opposite sex perform to try and raise their heartrates. The girls won the challenge, but for some couples, eyebrows were raised higher than heartrates.

The biggest shock (or not) was Jacques and Gemma each raising the other’s heartrate the most. Could this be down to them feeling uncomfortable around each other or is there still a flame flickering between them? Either way their other halves were not impressed. Tasha was unhappy as despite her best efforts as a Barbie girl, not only did Andrew’s heartrate not get raised by her, but none of the boys did! To add fuel to the fire, Andrew’s heartrate soared the most for Danica, who just earlier that day had expressed an interest in him.

Ekin-Su managed to raise Davide’s heartrate the most, which was possibly an indicator, or catalyst for what was to come for them later in the week.


As mentioned earlier, this week’s recoupling reunited some couples and left others in confusing situations. See the ‘Friendship Couples’ section for details.

Best Bits

  • Dami practising his mind-reading abilities on Gemma
  • Ekin-Su agreeing that ‘this conversation doesn’t leave this circle’ and immediately getting up to inform the other islanders.
  • Charlie doing the worm away from the girls during the heartrate challenge.
  • Ekin-Su and Davide washing each other’s feet on their vineyard date.
  • Davide eating pastry during the brunch date, proving you can look like a model AND eat carbs!

What we think will happen next

Antigoni, Tasha, Danica, Charlie, Jay, and Andrew are all at risk. Two islanders must leave the villa and then it’s time for the highly anticipated Casa Amor! Who will stay together and whose heads will turn? Will we see every islander choose someone new for the first time ever? And most importantly, will Ekin-Su prove she’s really changed? We cannot wait to find out.

What games do you play while Love Island is on? Drop us a comment below. And don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with another Love Island recap!


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