Love Island 2022 – Week 7

Since our last recap, two of Love Island’s most famous and looked-forward-to games have been played. And let’s be honest, there were no real winners from either of them. Islanders were shocked, fought and got unceremoniously pied. The usual, right?
Let’s dive into the deets and see what all went down in our beloved villa…

Bombshells of the Week

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new bombshells slow-walked their way into the night’s garden party. The biggest eye rolls came from Paige and Ekin-Su on this foursomes’ entry as they feared their men’s heads could turn. By whom you may ask?
25-year-old dancer Lacey Edwards and 23-year-old Brazilian social media influencer Nathalia Campos. Joining them are two boys, 23-year-old model Reece Ford and 27-year-old professional footballer Jamie Allen.

The Latest Couples

  • Gemma and Luca
  • Tasha and Andrew
  • Dami and Indiyah
  • Ekin-Su and Davide
  • Paige and Adam

Who’s Single?

  • Danica
  • Deji

The islanders who’ve left

After dancing to actual music (which Indiyah was buzzing for) at a private VIP beach bar, host Laura graced the gang with her ominous presence. She came bearing news of the 4 islanders with the least public votes: Dami and Billy, as well as Summer and Danica. Then it was up to the rest of the group to save one boy and one girl. Danica and Dami were kept in by their fellow roomies, while Billy and Summer were immediately dumped. We hope someone packed their bags for them!

Couples going steady

Girlfriend and boyfriend Tasha and Andrew are doing better than ever – with Andrew sticking up BIG time for Tasha when he felt Dami and Luca were picking on her at every opportunity.
Despite calling Dami “Deji” several times and after a big tiff that he had with his former flame Summer, Indiyah and Dami are still locking lips and going strong.
Resident mum and dad of the group, Ekin-Su and Davide (or should we say Ekin-de) are getting cuter by each episode, both even went as far as saying ti amo to the other but the real “I love yous” haven’t come up just yet.
And in a shocking twist, former playboy and the ultimate Love Island bombshell Adam has made it exclusive with Paige. We can’t believe it! Turning over a new leaf there, mate?
Oh wait, let’s not forget that Gemma and Luca are still loyal. Getting a bit boring though, to be fair.

Couples on the rocks

There aren’t any couples facing a “test” at the minute or in a bad place. And it doesn’t seem like these four new bombshells are ruffling as many feathers as they had hoped to.


As mentioned earlier, there’s been two major games that have been played – Mad Movies as well as Snog, Marry, Pie. Let’s start with the carnage that was Mad Movies.
The boys and girls went head-to-head to answer saucy statistic questions for a chance to pick a revealing scene of someone on the other team. Most notably was seeing Ekin-Su’s touchy moment in Casa Amor, Billy flirting with Gemma, all of Andrew and Coco’s intimate moments, and Dami’s infamous three-way kiss.
Shade was thrown and partners were fuming. But in the end, and with some proper grovelling, all couples moved on.
Moving on to Snog, Marry, Pie… All we know is that we’re glad to be watching that and not on the other end of warm cream and a hard piece of cake!
So, we all knew that out of the girls Tasha was probably going to be the most pied because of the beginning of her and Andrew’s relationship – but come on, it’s ancient history! Ekin-Su also got pied for her behaviour WEEKS ago. Can we squash these old grudges now please boys?! Luckily the two biggest loud mouths and stirrers, Dami and Luca, got a good mouthful of pie as well.
The most marriageable islanders ended up being Paige and Davide for being unproblematic. But let’s not forget about the snogs! The most surprising one was Dami going full in on his ex Summer – a bit much and a bit too awkward.

Best Bits

  • Indiyah’s face when Dami was proposing to Paige in the game.
  • Davide speaking sweet nothings to Ekin-Su in Italian.
  • Lacey swatting off Deji’s kiss because she had red lipstick on (fair).
  • Nathalia being obsessed with eye contact.
  • Truth or Dare with the bombshells (it’s just an excuse to get people to kiss innit?)
  • Danica being competed for by the two new guys – we’re here for it!

What we think will happen next

With the final only a week and a bit away, we’re not sure what the producers will be throwing at our couples! Will they manage to shake things up? Will we finally get to see the hot mess the Twitter game could bring? We’ll have to wait and see…

Let us know in the comments below if you have any scandalous predictions or tell us who you think will be this season’s winners. And remember that we’ll be back next week with another recap of Love Island!


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