Love Island 2022 – Week 2

Another week of Love Island, and things are certainly heating up! From secret kisses, to exes entering the villa, an Islander suddenly leaving and a couple’s first night in The Hideaway – let us pull you for a chat and recap all of this week’s juicy drama.

Bombshells of the Week

Here are the newest additions to the Love Island villa:
Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, 27, is an actress from Essex.
Afia Tonkmor, 25, is a lounge host from London.
Jacques O’Neill, 23, is a professional rugby player from Cumbria.
Jay Younger, 28, is an investment analyst from Edinburgh.
Remi Lambert, 22, is a model and rapper from Manchester.

The Latest Couples

• Gemma and Luca
• Indiya and Ikenna
• Tasha and Andrew
• Amber and Dami
• Ekin-Su and Davide
• Paige and Jacques

Who’s Single?

• Jay
• Remi

Couples going steady

It’s still pretty early days and everyone is still getting to know each other, but Dami and Amber are probably the steadiest couple in the villa and are trying to give things a proper go! Tasha and Andrew are the first couple to spend the night in The Hideaway this season, and let’s just say – things got pretty steamy. However, at this stage, it still seems as though anyone’s head could be turned!

Couples on the rocks

Oh, now where do we start? Paige and Jacques may be coupled up, but they don’t seem to have a strong connection. Gemma accidentally referred to Luca as Jacques, who is actually her ex (yikes), and they’ve had flirty chats (double yikes).
Ekin-Su isn’t satisfied with Davide’s effort in their “relationship” and says she needs more from him – whilst flirting with most of the other guys in the villa behind his back and sneaking off to the terrace for secret chats and cheeky snogs with Jay!


Whilst there haven’t been any stand-out challenges this week, the Islanders all played an impromptu game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ which revealed plenty of saucy secrets, especially from Davide, Paige and Ekin-Su.


There has only been one recoupling so far, where Davide chose to couple up with Ekin-su, and Luca chose to couple up with Gemma. But will these couples last?

Who left the villa this week?

Afia’s time in the villa was short-lived and she was voted out in less than a week! She struggled to make any connections, however she did have her eye on Ikenna which wasn’t reciprocated. Liam decided to leave the villa on his own accord, as he felt he wasn’t being himself or having the best Love Island experience.

Best Bits

• Gemma awkwardly called Luca by the wrong name, and not just any name – her ex! Oops.
• Ekin-Su is bringing ALL the drama this season! From flirting with some of the other boys, to LITERALLY crawling to the terrace so nobody can see her secret smooches with Jay, and even sharing spaghetti Lady and the Tramp-style, we’re sure this will all blow up pretty soon.
• Remi has been trying to flirt with Indiyah and even had a date with her, much to Ikenna’s disliking.
• Jay made a snarky comment towards professional rugby player, Jacques, and said he looks too small to play rugby!
• Remi was asked to rap for the Islanders, and he awkwardly fumbled his own lyrics.

What we think will happen next

We think that Eki-Su will soon realise that she can’t have her cake and eat it too, and there’ll certainly be heated conflicts with Davide (we’ve already had a taste). It’s possible that Indiyah’s head could be turned if the next bombshell takes her fancy, but will anyone else stray from their couple? We’ll have to keep watching to find out!

What did you think of the second week in the villa? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget, we’ll be back next week with another Love Island recap!


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