Love Island Winter 2023 – “G’day mate!”

Do you like serial killers and stuff? Who said the islanders didn’t have good chat! Apart from this running joke Iain Sterling has with Anna-May, lots has gone down since we last checked in. And what we’re most thankful for is that Will is still around! There’s nothing more entertaining than a funny awkward lad who knows there’s more to just looking fit.

So, let’s get cracking on with our recap shall we.

Bombshells of the Week

Two new bombshells entered the villa, Jessie Wynter (26) and Aaron Waters (25), all the way from down under. Specifically, from Love Island Australia, so they already know what to expect and how to pull someone for a chat. Handy innit.

Couples going steady

Week 2 has just kicked off so it’s still quite early in the series to be wifed up, but the closest we have to going steady are Tanya and Shaq. After David grafted hard for Tanya, she still ended up picking Shaq which sent David home.

Couples on the rocks

Just when we think Lana and Ron are good to go and be that OG couple that makes it to the end, in comes Tanyel and possibly new bombshell Jessie. Tanyel is also still kind of holding out for Kai, but we think his head has proper turned for Anna-May.


There haven’t been many challenges since we’ve last checked in, besides the drama-filled beer pong game. And boy did those islanders use it to pie and mug each other off. Zara called out Olivia for being two-faced, Tanya snogged everyone besides Shaq (including a 30 second smooch with David), and Shaq kissed Lana awkwardly on the chest…


What a recoupling Friday night was! Lots of shocked expressions around that fire pit (and from the sofas at home) from some scandalous pickings. But to be fair it’s only week 2. Here are the couples at the minute:

  • Shaq and Tanya 
  • Kai and Anna-May 
  • Haris and Olivia 
  • Tom and Zara 
  • Will and Lana 
  • Ron and Tanyel  

Best Bits

  • “We would’ve been kissing non-stop” Will to Tanyel, who then looked anything but interested in that possibility. “Maybe not”.  
  • Ron telling Lana that she’s his whole picture. Swoon! 
  • “I think he’s just trying to be polite”  
  • All the unsquashed drama. Zara vs Olivia. Shaq vs Haris – “Don’t try and dad me bro”.  

What we think will happen next

The tension is about to be turned up to level 11 with Zara and Olivia. We do hope it’ll be resolved soon though – because we don’t need another screaming match (remember Faye’s epic showdowns?). And we’re not sure who the Aussies will put their grafting boots on for and who could be turning heads, but it’s sure to be entertaining.

Who do you think the Aussies will go for? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, play our Winner Spinner here for FREE and have the chance to win up to £500 cash!


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